Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Body Shop Treats

Now I'm not sure about you but when I get an email from The Body Shop mentioning 40% off all orders I am straight on that website looking for things I can treat myself to. 

      I got quite a few things that I have never tried before and a few old favourites, so I thought I would share them with you beautiful people. I will include a link for each item and the cost it is on the site. 

From left to Right:

Mango Body Mist, this stuff is my favourite body mist ever!!! So I couldn't not buy myself a bottle with the 40% off. The smell is just ahmazing and reminds me of summer so much as I usually layer the scent by using the mango body lotion then spritz the body mist on and to finish it off some of the mango perfume. I would smell mangolicious all day!! Oh god just typing this I have had to go get the lotion over just to smell haha! Unfortunately it isn't on their website anymore :( I hope it hasn't been discontinued, maybe I'm just being a dafty and cant see it but they do have other body mists too which you can check out here. They are priced at £7.50. 

Seaweed Clarifying Toner £8.00 Now this stuff appealed to me as it had a little online sticker saying it was a Best Seller and I had been looking for a toner to add to my routine so thought I shall pop that in my bag too and see what all the fuss is about. It aims to re balance combination skin, refresh and purify the skin. Sounds good enough to me. I have used this a couple of times since buying it and it certainly wakes up my skin. 

Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter, this little treat was for my recently coloured hair as a weekly treatment. It aims to protect your coloured hair giving you lovely shiney radiant hair. Contains no parabens, colourants or silicones. And did I mention how lovely it smells? lovely and fruity plus the smell lingers in your hair that I end up sitting sniffing my hair haha thats not weird at all. I got this in a little 50ml pot for £3.00 you can also get it in 200ml for £8.00. They also have different ones for different hair types so if your hairs not coloured there is other's you can treat yourself to instead. 

Now the Camomile range has appealed to me for a while, anything that's gentle on the skin is worth a go I like to think. So I went for the Waterproof eye and lip make up remover, this is another remover that you need to shake to activate the 2 solutions working together. What appealed the most to me about this product was that it states its suitable for sensitive skin types which I can be especially around the eye area and also suitable for contact lense wearers which I am. Again I have only used this a handful of times but it does a damn good job of shifting the eye make up, I am very impressed. At £8.00 for a 150ml bottle its very reasonable a little goes a long way as I only use this specifically for my eyes. 

Lastly is the Sumptuous Cleansing Butter, a solid cleanser that melts away make up?! What madness is this? I had just about finished my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and was in search for a new one. I had seen so many review's on Clinique's Take the Day off cleansing balm and was rather intrigued by it however the price didn't have me that intrigued to get it. So I seen the Camomile one and thought would give this a bash plus would be getting it cheaper too. This is again suitable for sensitive skin types and contact lense wearers, it melts away your make up leaving your skin lovely clean and fresh! When you take the lid off you only need to move your fingers in circular motion a couple of times to get the product on you then massage it into you dry face (make up still on) and you start to see your make up melting away, I was proper panda eyes when I first done it. You then get a damp muslin cloth £2.50 and simply wipe away! This stuff is awesome I thoroughly recommend it. It smells so lovely and leaves your skin clean and soft. Its at £12.00 for a 90ml pot but again a lot does go a long way with this at it is a solid cleansing butter you only need a little. Love This!!!

Tried to get a photo of what the butter looked like but camera was being a bit awkward.

So there you go that's been my latest Body Shop Binge, if you want to know when they have offer's on I would recommend signing up on their website. I am so thankful for these emails of treats for their customers. I think I saved about £20-£25.

That's all from me till next time

Lots of Lovies