Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Check In Tuesday #4


Hope you guys are all happy and positive, it's that time again where I "Check In" with you and just ramble on to you about what I have been up to and stuff.

  • So I have been feeling a bit meh this past week, I think its to do with the weather getting me a bit down. I'm fed up of being cold and it doesn't help that this flats heating hardly makes a difference. However I have been feeling happier and positive noticing that the light mornings are coming and the days are stretching. Our flat has lots of bunches of daffodils and it makes me happy knowing that spring is coming.
  • I am still on The Vampire Diaries binge now on Season 4! Half way through and I have no idea what I'm going to do when I finish it. I will have to start watching The Originals as they are my favourites! I really want to watch Game of Thrones too, I got Gordee the box set for part of his Christmas and still haven't watched it yet.
  • Still haven't got stuck in to my book :( its kinda frustrating as I really want to get into reading more but I'm being sucked in to Netflix haha 
  • The reason I have been a tad on the lazy side is that I have been home hunting and I may have possibly found our new home. It's not 100% yet but its very possible and I am super super excited about it.
  • Ooo my new make up bag from Paul&Joe came and it is super cute. I have just about organised it so I will do a post about that soon.
  • I think my laptop has a bit of a virus which is why I haven't been blogging so much, so it might be going away from me for a bit :( but Gordee says I can use his which is a scary mac laptop.
  • I have been having quite a few minimal make up days and I have to say my skin is really appreciating it.
  • My love for Superdrugs Vitamin E's range is growing fast, I recently purchased the Day and the Night cream and wow my skin is loving me right now.
  • My poor nails are having a horrendous time right now breaking and peeling but I will keep on treating them.
That's all from me today guys I hope you enjoyed this post feel free to comment and I will try to comment back however my laptop doesn't let me but I can try on Gordees laptop.

Lots of Lovies