Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Check in Tuesday #2

Hi guys and Happy Tuesday

How are you guys? Hope your all well and happy feeling positive.

How cute is this pic from weheartit.com

So we are at another Check In Tuesday Wow that's come round quick. 

  • This week its Valentines and Gordee and myself will get it spend it together this year, Yay!! We never got to spend it together last year so I'm looking forward to it this year. Even just a nice cosy night in with a movie and I'm happy.
  • I have been obsessing over the film Frozen recently, seriously guys its awesome. I actually ended up buying the soundtrack and been listening to it in the morning getting ready for work, call me sad but I love a Disney film.
  • Another thing I'm a bit late to is Vampire Diaries, I was pretty bored and I needed something to watch so I went on to Netflix and thought I would see what its all about, I am hooked!! That's me on season 3 and wow its so so good.
  • Gordee and I are currently looking into finding a new place to live so I have been seeing some lovely pieces of furniture and bits and bobs for the new home, its all very exciting. Might do a homey stuff post.
  • Also have you guys noticed that its slowly getting lighter in the mornings?! Which means Spring is coming Yay!!
  • I have been trying out a few beauty treats from The Body Shop I will do a review soon.
  • Also been trying out a new face mask by Superdrug and its so lovely I will also be reviewing it in the near future.
  • I am drinking a lot of green tea lately especially twinings with lemon and another with pomegranate have been my favourites.
  • That's all really from me tonight, sometimes I feel I live a rather boring life but I do love a good ramble and chit chat.
Let me know what you guys have been up to, I love reading comments and replying to them.

Lasts all from me 

Lots of Lovies