Saturday, 1 February 2014

Bye January! Hello February!


 That's us out of January guys!! I actually feel that its gone pretty quick. Pay day has been and gone, the bills have been paid now we are skint again counting down the days till next pay day haha. 

I didn't do much in January really it was all about saving those pennies although I did get myself a few treats throughout the month, all in the name of blogging of course! If you follow me on Instagram you will see what I been treating myself to lately (click here --> SparklySJ). One thing I did get to do at the end of the month was go to Glasgow and see the band City and Colour! Hands down one of the best live bands I have ever seen. The frontman Dallas Green's (from Alexisonfire) voice is just amazing. I did have a wee visit to first aid about an hour in to their set due to being too hot and almost passing out. My own fault really as I hadn't taken off my jacket but a little sit down and some water I was fine and went back to watch them. Even caught my favourite song Two Coins (check it out on youtube here). Being back in Glasgow to see a live band got me all excited for next time, which is gonna be Katy Perry!! I am super excited to see her its only 105 days to go.

 I also got my hair done Yay!! I hadn't had my hair done since October last year so it was badly needing done. I went for a little bit of a change and went ombre! They lightened up my hair and removed the almost black I had in from last time then they lightened my ends and slapped on a warm brown tone on top. I love it! I think I might even go a little lighter in the summer months. Talking hair and beauty I recently purchased Lauren Conrad's book Beauty, what an awesome book! Full of handy tricks and tips its really inspired me to try out different make up looks. If i have any success with them you never know I might do a few tutorials!

So now that's us into February, I have a few blogging ideas for this month lots of skincare and make up!! I'm even thinking on doing a regular blog post every Tuesday with just little fun random facts?! Like what I been loving or hating that past week. Its also Valentines Day this month Gordee and I never got to spend it together last year due to him being up a mountain (work purposes) so I think we might go for a nice meal this year. I always find February to be a rather quick month probably cause its my birthday in March and I get excited for it. Whatever this month brings either it be good or bad I intend to always having a smile on my face and I hope you guys do to!

Is there anything you lot love about February? Any Valentines plans? love to read your comments :) till next time.

Lots of Lovies

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