Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Check In Tuesday #3

Hello Fellow bloggers and readers hope we are all well and happy.

That's another Tuesday almost over with over here in Scotland so here I am sharing with you a few things I been up to and loving or hating right now.

  • The weather over here in the UK has been utter pants and my thoughts for those poor folk down in England who's homes have been terrorised by these storms causing mass flooding. I have family down in England and I was rather worried about them all but I was informed that they were all safe and the weather hasn't affected them. We have been pretty lucky where I am in Scotland that we haven't had any bad storms or snow (touch wood). 
  • I love coconut oil!! Okay so recently my scalp hasnt been itself and its been bit dry and flaky. 2 sunday nights ago I asked on the #bbloggers chat whats a good treatment hoping for some cheap answers and wow there was so many to choose from but the most popular item was coconut oil. So I went out and bought myself some read the instructions on how to use it as a scalp treatment and my gosh was I impressed with these results. I might do a blog post on this after trying it a few more times. 
  • Twinings have some new green tea flavours coming out and I am dying to get my hands on them.
  • I'm still trying to grow my nails, there was some peeling and breaking so I have cut them back down to stumps haha hoping that they will grow nice and healthy without breaking.
  • Is it sad that I'm excited about buying a new make up bag?! Well I am and I will do a blog post on it as its a pretty special looking make up bag.
  • I am still on a Vampire Diaries binge on Netflix and I have just finished season 3! Oh my gosh sooooo much drama!!!
  •  I have been slacking on reading my book lately (I blame netflix) but I am determined to get back into it and try and read a bit each night an hour before sleepy time.
  • Music I am all about the girls this week. Our tickets came for Katy Perry in May and you may or may not know I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! So other than her I have been listening to Lana Del Rey, have you heard her song for the Maleficent movie? She sounds amazing. Taylor Momsen is back with The Pretty Reckless and my gosh she sounds awesome in their new song Heaven Knows and lastly Shakira!!!! Im not so much a fan of Rihanna anymore but these 2 together make one heck of a tune Cant Remember To Forget You is on repeat a lot while I'm doing the housework its just so catchy.
What have you guys been up to? Any music your loving and I can check out let me know

That's all from me today

Lots of Lovies