Thursday, 30 January 2014

Super Facialist By Una Brennan Clay Mask

Hello Everyone hope you are all doing well and having a good week?

So a few weeks ago I blogged about a few recent Boots purchases you can check it out here. Some of the products I had never used before and I did say that I would review them once I have tried them out. This post is going to be all about the Super Facialist Tea Flower Pore Purifying Clay Mask By Una Brennan (what a mouth full) its in a 125ml tube and it costs around £8.99.

With this product I wanted to try it out a couple of times before I reviewed it. Now I'm not sure about you guys but I like to have a face mask once during the week mainly a Wednesday and then I have another at the weekend usually a Sunday. I just find it lovely and relaxing I tend to just lie down on my bed for 5-10 minutes after applying the mask just chilling out or I'm having a nice soak in the bath listening to some chilled out music with some nice smelly candles burning away.

Now with the Tea Flower Deep Clean Mask (we will call it that for short) what appealed to me was that on the front it said that it was " A detoxifying mask to unclog pores and restore skins balance" I figured with the nasty cold weather my skins been faced with recently it could probably do with a good restore in balance. When I then carried on reading the back of the tube I discovered it also contained salicylic acid which has been proven to help congested skin and I can suffer from time to time I thought Bonus! Then you read on to see that its Dead Sea Mud is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron!!! Could it get any better?! Yes! it most certainly does it also contains avocado oil which is also rich in Vitamins A,D and E!! I couldn't help myself I was looking for a new face mask and this was bursting with so much potential. 

Front & Back of the Tea Flower Clay Mask 

I have been using this mask now for about 3 weeks now so that's about 6 times I have tried it out and its safe to say it does not disappoint, I am in LOVE with this mask. With all it's lovely ingredients it smells gorgeous and it leaves you with such soft skin. I tend to use mine in the evening, I take all my make up off with my cleanser even if I don't have any make up on I will still cleanse it before applying the mask. It has a nice thick creamy consistency its not a very flattering colour with its green grayish clay haha I try not to put it on when Gordee's home but when I do have it on I do get some funny looks from the cat. It does say to apply a generous amount so I like to slap it on my face then just lie back and relax even the smell of the clay makes you feel more chilled out. I always love the feeling of the masks hardening on your skin that way I feel it is actually doing something, once my times up and the mask has hardened I go and wash it off with warm water. Taking it off can be a bit more time consuming I usually soak my flat surface face sponges and move it round in circular motions rinsing out the sponges a couple of times inbetween to get all the mask off. Once its all washed off boy does my skin feel super duper soft and smelling bootyfull!!! I have also noticed quite a difference in my skin using this mask it looks a lot healthier and feels it too. Could not recommend this enough. 5 stars from me :)

Its a thick and creamy clay mask and it smells loverly!

Me all masked up with a silly looking face :P

Have you guys tried out this mask? What did you think of it? or is there any other masks that you could recommend I would love to read your comments.

In the mean time have a lovely day!

Lots of Lovies

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Review!

Hiya fellow bloggers and blog readers :)

Today's post is all about the much raved about Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser!! seeing all the hype over this little tube on my Instagram feeds made me more and more curious to try it out. So I did what needed to be done and bought it!

To start off how adorable is the packaging? I love the colour's they are so eye catching and just looks Oooo exciting! With its baby blue (almost turquoise I find in some light) tube and the name baby skin in a bold pink colour it just looks inviting. It even has Only for Adults at the bottom of the tube!

So the name kind of gives the idea of what this product is aiming for, in giving you smooth soft baby like skin, giving you a matte finish. With its gel texture (thats right gel!)  helping to vanish pores and leave your skin feeling light and looking poreless.

Maybelline Baby Skin gel texture

So having used a few different primers I was very excited to try this one out. In its little 22ml tube costing around £7.99  you only need a little amount so it will last you a long time. I start off by squeezing the clear gel and dotting it on my forehead, cheeks and chin then I smooth it all out and round my face blurring away any sight of my pores leaving me with a smooth soft surface ready to apply my make up. I have found that using this product defiantly helps my make up last longer throughout the day, I cant say its worth repurchasing as I haven't noticed a huge difference using it in comparison to any other primers I have tried. All in all its a lovely packaged product and it does what it says :) it smooths the skin giving you a fab base for make up or even if you wanted a make up free day.

Have you guys tried this out? Whats your thoughts on it?

Lots of Lovies

Monday, 27 January 2014

Topshop Treats!!

Hello Lovelies

Now I am not one who loves to go rummaging around the shops in the sales I am more a sit at home in my pjs with my feet up having a cuppa tea (green with lemon) browsing the interweb sales seeing what bargains I can find.

Well I found a beaut of a jacket on Topshop reduced from £60 to £35, black denim with a sort of fleece material in the body part. I read the reviews on how its best to go up a size with this jacket in particular so you can layer up in these winter days so I did :) 

Here's some of the detailing from the jacket.

Whilst on the website I thought why not have a look at the beauty items they have, and boy am I glad I did! I found a Lip Bullet in the shade Bewitched which is a lovely deep plum colour, as I'm loving the dark lip look there was no question about it, it went straight into my basket. I fancied a new nail polish so headed over to the nail section, Oh my goodness so much lovely shades to choose from. I finally came to the decision to get Blue Jeans which is a beeeautiful mermaid blue yet in some lights green shade it is so so lovely and was only £6 little cheaper to my usual polish I get.

Topshop Lip Bullet £8.00

Topshop Lip Bullet in shade Bewitched

This is how dark the shade looks, its a lovely deep plum shade

On to the nail polish

Topshop Nail polish in shade Blue Jeans £6

Soooooo pretty!!!!

Mermaid Nails :) 

And that's my treats I got on Topshops sale. Did you guys get any bargains in the sales?

Lots of Lovies

Thursday, 23 January 2014

L'oreal Paris True Match Foundation and Powder Review!!

Goooood morning/ afternoon/ evening you lovely lot, hope your week is going good. Mines going pretty quick, cant believe we are almost at the end of January already! Its crazy!

Anyway this post's title pretty much sums up what I'm going to be jabbering on about today and its the L'Oreal True Match Foundation and Powder. 

As I mentioned in my previous post I'm going to try out more make up items this year, see if i can come across any new holy grail products. So I thought I would start with base products like primers, foundations, concealers and powder. 

To start it off we are going with the L'oreal True Match duo. Lets start with the foundation now at £9.99 in such a lovely packaged bottle you be mad to not try this out right? With it claiming to give the best natural, close to skin tone coverage without caking it just sounds too good to be true. Its light texture means you can also build up coverage for a "made to measure finish". Reading all this and hearing such fab reviews it had to be bought to try out. As Im still rather pale I went for shade Golden Ivory.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in Golden Ivory

Blended in :)

Applying the foundation I found it really light and a bit runny in texture, I tried applying it first with my real techniques foundation brush but it was leaving brush mark strokes so I swapped over to my buffing brush, buffing it into my skin making sure it was all blended in and looking pretty flawless. It did not do this for me at all. I had patches on my face where the foundation almost just sat and wouldn't blend in at all. I tried working it in and tried to build it up a bit. Later at work I noticed that my cheeks and forehead basically looked like I had dry skin that the foundation had just sort of clung too, It looked awful. Luckily work has cleanser where I could remove it. My friend Becky at work (Hiya Bexter if your reading) also mentioned how she had the exact same experience with this foundation. We both have different skin types so I don't think that it could be that, we have wondered if its maybe the fact we do work in a place that can get pretty hot so it might have been to do with the temperature. I am rather stumped on what caused the foundation to go like this. I tried using it for another 3 days trying different attempts from using a different primer to no primer at all and just using moisturiser for my base, tried applying it without a brush and just used my fingers, I even scrubbed the night before in case I had any dry skin patches (which I didn't) but with every attempt it still did the same thing. I am rather disappointed with the result of this foundation as it sounded amazing, I do think it is probably a really good foundation for those that have tried it and loved it however it was not for my skin :(.

Now we are on to the powder, this little gem is £8.19 and is in such a handy little compact style where you flip the lid open and the powder sits on a base and there's an underneath compartment that holds a little sponge so its perfect for you to pop in your bag. I also got this in the same shade as the foundation to be all matchy matchy, As I wasn't having such a time with the foundation I applied this on top one day and it made no difference what so ever. However I have used this on days where I have just used a bit of bb cream or another foundation I applied a light dusting of it with my real techniques powder brush and it gave me such a lovely finish and  it doesn't look at all caked on. 

Love the handiness of this product (excuse the chipped nail polish hehe)

The shade of the powder in Golden Ivory

Unfortunatly the foundation just wasn't for me which is a shame, however I am enjoying the powder. So with every negative there is a positive :) 

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post, I have just been honest in my experience with these products. I wouldn't try to tell anyone to not try out any of these products as I have heard such amazing reviews about it. We just weren't ment to be.

Lots of lovies

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Make Up Make Up Everywhere!!

Hello you beautiful bunch!

So in my Favorites of 2013 post I mentioned how I plan on being a bit more adventurous and try out different things make up wise. As much as I do love skincare I do also love make up, however I tend to just stick to the same brand and stick to the same routine. Well that's us now into the month of January and so far I have bought I few new items to try out. I have stuck to high street shop items to start with.

Here they are ready and waiting to be tried out.

So to start I thought I would try out a few different foundations, I do still love my No7 Beautifully Matte foundation but I figured I am now a blogger why not have a few different ones in your make up drawer that you can pick from. So I picked up the L'oreal True Match Foundation £9.99 in shade Golden Ivory, this foundation is aiming to give the most natural looking skin that's true to your skin tone that you can achieve a fab coverage without caking. Sounds great I thought why not get the True Match powder £8.19 in the same shade as well, it will be great for setting the foundation or even if I fancy a day off from wearing lots of make up I can just sweep a bit of this powder on and get on with my day.

Now we are on to Concealer, I have seen a few bloggers mention that the Seventeen Range in Boots had a bit of a makeover and released some awesome new concealers so I thought I had better get down there and try one. Phwoarr Paint has been described as the dupe of Benefits Boi-ing and at £5.49 you would be mad to not give it a go. Its a cute little pot that's lid flips open that on the other side of the lid is a little compact mirror and the base holds the concealer. Its got a rich creamy texture to it, I got mine in the shade fair for me pale skin. This will be fab for late nights and early mornings to hide those pesky under the eye bags. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 was in Tanya Burrs favorite things in 2013 vlog, now if this is Tanya's favorite concealer than that's it already sold for me. Its supposed to give fab coverage to imperfections and blemishes, also with any redness and can last all day without needing to re touch it.

Another item mentioned in Miss Tanya Burrs Favorites from last year was the Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation £6.99 mentioning how it gives fab coverage, nice healthy glow, easy to blend I could not not give this bad boy ago. I have recently seen it on a few other blogs mentioning how amazing it is, it had to be bought. Also reading up on it mentions how it has advanced smart tone technology aiming to give you a flawless look in any light. Sounds perfect!!

For a new primer I heard someone in Boots mention how they found the new Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser £7.99 very similar to Benefits Porefessional I was rather intrigued to try it. Having tried the Benefit Porefessional comparing Baby skin to it is a big compliment. It has a clear gel texture to it where the Porefessional did have a slight tint to it all its aims are very similar to vanish pores giving a smooth soft surface to the skin, a perfect base for foundation perhaps?! 

Lastly we have the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow £2.99. I had mentioned in my favorites post that I am starting to get the hang of filling in the brows. I have been using the HD Brows palette which I received in a beauty box for about £16 which was filled with treats the HD Brows palette being one of them. The palette retails at about £20 so I am going to try and let it last me a very long time. So for days when I feel a little lazy I thought this nifty pencil should do the job just fine.   

So that's the start of my new things to try out, as you can see I'm starting just with base make up first. I have linked all the items mentioned with a website (Boots) you can go on, to either buy or get a bit more information on, they are all linked at their prices. I plan on reviewing all of the items so keep your eyes peeled out for those.

Have you tried any of these or is there something you would recommend? I want to try out some new looks for eyes and lips.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

I've always been dark with light somewhere in the distance

So we are already half way into January and what a quiet month it is! I recently heard on the radio this week that January is the time where people can tend to get all down and depressed and to be honest this doesn't surprise me. The dark nights are still coming early its cold and yuck outside and for some pay day feels so far away (just think 2 more weeks to go). 

The January blues is not something I enjoy and I am determined to be full of positivity banishing any negativity. I have had far too much negativity and worries in my life that its time to tell it to shove off and I'm moving on and bringing on the positivity, happiness and just enjoy life!!

In order to do all that I'm still keeping focused on small goals I set for myself. I write lists and tick it off as I go along, there's honestly nothing better than a checked off list :D (geek I know). I am reading my Highway Code and revising for my theory. I am also enjoying a good book. Organising to meet friends which is keeping me away from being a complete hermit, I am determined to keep the little social life I have. I am such a day dreamer I am looking for places to go on holibobs, I know it wont be till next year but there's no harm in looking plus the photos make me feel happy thinking of some heat and sunshine. I have been getting stuck into this blog reorgainisng it a little, coming up with ideas for future posts and taking lots of snaps. Gordee and I have been going for walks at weekend which I always enjoy as I feel the cobwebs blowing away and feeling all fresh and re-energized! 

My top tip to keeping those blues has to be keep yourself busy but have fun doing it, have a laugh with friends even if your skint you can always go to each others houses, go out there and get some fresh air by going for a walk, escape somewhere into a good book, clear out your wardrobe giving things to the charity shops (making room for the summer wardrobe;) ) have bubble baths and listen to some awesome music maybe even try and get to a gig.

I was surfing through weheartit and came across some images which have inspired me.

Don't let people get you down by their negativity be happy, do what you dream of doing. We only have 1 life we need to live it!

Hope this post has cheered some of you guys up and inspired you to kick away that January blues too :) However I just want to say if you do feel that you are suffering from Depression you should speak to someone its amazing the amount of help that's out there these days.


Lots of huge fluffy hugs and lovies

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Dash to Boots


How are we all doing? Hope your good and happy, keeping to those resolutions ;)

So few weeks ago I was feeling a bit of the blues, I know crazy it was not even January and I was already feeling a bit of the blues. So in a way to cheer myself up a bitty a went along to Boots and got myself some treats. I thought I would share with you gorgeous lot what I got.

As you can see I bought my trusty Cetaphil Cleanser £8.99. I fancied trying out a new face mask and I have heard lots of good reviews on the Una Brennan range especially the Super Facialist Tea Flower Pore Purifying Clay Mask £8.99 aiming to clear the skin of excess oil and toxins I thought sounded good enough for me, after all the eating of lovely treats and amounts of wine that has been drunk my skin could be doing with a good deep clean. I have only used this once since bought so far I loved it. In my job I do a lot of cleaning that my poor nails get all chipped and can end up looking in such sorry states sometimes. So with that in mind I decided to invest in Essie's Nail Base Coat in Help Me Grow £8.99 it contains argan oil and algae extract which help protect, prevent nail damage and breakage.

As I was heading to the counter to pay Real Techniques caught my eye with buy 1 get 1 half price. Well it would be a crime to just ignore that offer so I picked up the Powder Brush £12.99, I have only used this a couple of times so far and my gosh is the brush big but so soft to the skin!! Gives the perfect finish for powder. Along with that I picked up the Blush Brush £9.99 which was my half price one. Again this brush is super soft and applies the blush perfectly. I mentioned these brushes in my favorites of 2013 post here, they are the best brushes I have used. I'm so happy to add these 2 to my collection. 

These most defiantly made my blues feel less royal blue and more baby blue, once I got home the pjs went on and I chilled out with a cuppa tea, bliss!!

I love going into Boots and having a wander and a nosey at all the things they have to offer. I love buying new items too and going home testing them out, so look out for reviews on some the products mentioned in this post.

Hope you enjoyed this post, where is it you go to de-blue and cheer yourself up?


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Essie Winter Mini Kit

Hi guys and dolls :)

How are you all this fine day?

So I'm not sure if I have mentioned my love for Essie nail polishes?! I have mentioned them in a few previous blog posts so if your new and haven't read any of my posts I LOVE Essie!! Well at Christmas the boyfriend Gordee done gooood in getting me the Winter Mini Kit  as part of my Christmas presents.

And there it is!!! 3 lovely shades to choose from, of course I had to go for 4 in the same shade and the 1 different so the sparkly one stood out :) 

So we have (LtoR) Shearling Darling, a beautiful deep red plum shade I used this for the base of the sparkly one so you cant really tell how beautiful this shade really is. Secondly we have Parka Perfect, which is a lovely almost blue gray shade (I'm rubbish at describing colours sorry) you can see I have painted it on all the rest of my nails. This is a really nice sort of everyday shade its not boring and not bright but its very eye catching when its on. I did have quite a few people ask me what colour it was as it is a rather odd shade to see. And lastly we have the bit of Christmas Sparkle in the form of Toggle To The Top. Now I love a bit of sparkle on a nail and I love colour sparkles on a nail, this is THE perfect colour festive sparkle! The colour of the the little bits of glitter is a very similar shade to the Shearling Darling which looks great with it being the base colour, yet when the light hits its full on sparkly red! Just Beautiful!!

Here is another snap of the box with my nails trying to get the best light to show you guys how lovely it is.

This cute little set is still available at Boots stores just now at £12.99 you can check it out here

Hope you are all well and keeping up the positive vibes this month!


Saturday, 4 January 2014


Hi Guys and a Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a fab Hogmanay and wishing you lot the best of times in 2014!
  Sammi Maria | via Tumblr
 Now that we are in January this is the time people start to think on new years resolutions and give it the whole new year new me thing, this never works for me. So instead of resolutions that I will never keep I'm going to set myself some goals and aims. I have written them down in my new notebook I got at Christmas from Gordee (Yay new stationary) so I can score them off along the way.

I thought I would share with you beautiful lot some of my goals for the year.
My first is this blog, I been thinking long and hard about what I want to achieve this year from the blog and have decided that as well as beauty/skin care items I'm going to try make up, show you guys what I use and how I use it. Any looks that I'm loving and how I achieve them. I'm also going to try and branch out a little and share a few fashion items and how I style them. Along with this I'm going to do posts about life in general and maybe a few random things I get up to (few weekend away trips are coming up too). With my list of goals I'm going to try and share it all with you on how I'm getting on with them.
Secondly is going to be reading! I do love to read however I always seem to get so distracted by new tv series's out on netflix or other rubbish that books tend to get forgotten about. However when I do pick up a book I love the feeling of being transported into different worlds and just getting lost into a right good book! One set I am determined to read is the Harry Potter books, I remember reading up to the third one when I was in school but never got round to reading the rest. I love the films especially with how dark they get by the end so I imagine the books must be better. I have bought myself a new book to read first which is also part of a set, the first one is called Rivers of London and its by Ben Aaronovitch it sounds really good, once I finish this post I'm getting myself a cuppa green tea and get reading.

    I also want to learn to cook properly, I do enjoying cooking proper home cooked meals but the thought of doing it makes me just go urgh! but once I'm stuck into it I really enjoy it. Gordee and I have both decided we want to eat a lot healthier and plan on sticking to that throughout the week as we both work weekdays but we will allow our self's treats at the weekends. We got a few cook books at Christmas so I intend on using them to help us out along the way. I might also put a few blog posts up if any are successful.With this in mind I also want to start taking multivitamins, I feel I'm lacking iron too so will start taking supplements for that. I will continue to drink plenty water (its nice with a slice of lemon or lime) and also still drink copious amounts of green tea (all those antioxidants) which is also nice with a slice of lemon.
 Untitledfoodopia | via Tumblr 
When I was in my late teens I done art at my college, I only done it cause I couldn't get a job (being a high school drop out no one would employ me) and I needed something to do. One the subjects I enjoyed the most was photography. We were taught mostly the old school stuff in the dark room using lots of chemicals but we did learn a little on digital photography and this year I want to get back in to it. I'm currently saving up to get myself a proper camera and equipment along with the good programs for editing. This will also be good for taking photos for blog posts but mainly I want to just to enjoy capturing moments you want to never forget.
 Amazon kartonk fotografiertPhotography

With these and a few others on my list (which I will share throughout the year) I just want to be happy. Gordee and I have a few adventures planned out which I'm very much looking forward too, we have family visits down to England, Gigs (did I mention Katy Perry), I'm turning 25 this year too!! I cant wait to see what to see what this year brings, I hope its a good one. And I look forward to sharing it all with you!

What do you have to look forward too this year? Do you have any goals set or resolutions for this year? I would love to read them.

Lots of Lovies

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Favorites of 2013 Part 2!

 Hello, and Welcome to My Favorites of 2013 Part 2!

This post is going to be all about the make up and nails. I am rather dull and boring when it comes to make up however I am going to try and be a bit more adventurous on that side of things next year and not be afraid to try out new things. So lets get started on the make up items I have been loving this year.


So its always good to start off with a good base. I'm talking Primers. I tried quite a few this year and I do like to use my Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver for this, another close favorite has to be the Rimmel Fix and Perfect £6.99 I just find this stuff perfect for a make up base, it holds my foundation perfectly. I did also do a little blog post on this beauty which goes a little more in depth to check it out click here. Now for foundation I have 3 to pick from which was rather difficult so I thought sod it I will put them all in as I love all 3 for different reasons. Revlon ColorStay £12.49 this stuff appealed to me from the start being for oily to combination skin, being oil free it helps to control shine and aims to give you that flawless look. This was the first foundation I bought this year and it is probably going to be one that I will continue to use. I loved the coverage of it, I love that it lasted pretty much all day, the match to my skin tone was perfect, I just loved it. When my Revlon foundation was coming to an unfortunate end I thought I would be adventurous and try out a new one, for that I tried out the No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation £12.95 another oily to combination foundation created to balance oil production and help improve skin, I cannot fault this lovely item at all. It gives a medium to full coverage, it lasts a long time throughout the day. I used the match made service so the shade is perfect for my skin tone again its one I will probably repurchase. I done a post on this foundation and the matching concealer, if you would like to review my ramblings more into detail on this product click here. Lastly of the foundations is the much raved about Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation £8.99 I purchased this foundation on a whim in the summer time as I had a slight tan and my everyday Revlon one was a tad to pale for me. Being at such a reasonable price I thought this will do me fine for the summer. I wasn't wrong. Designed to awaken the skin and give you a healthy radiant glow, it does not fault. It gives you  a nice light coverage, not too heavy which is perfect for that suns heat and contains an SPF 15 so it also protects your skin as well as given you a lovely natural glow. Recently I blogged about my skin not having a good time that I had to cut back on wearing my foundations due to an allergic reaction. I turned to a BB Cream to help put my skin back on track but give a bit of colour along the way. I turned to my Dr Jart Regenerating Beauty Balm £14.00 designed to help cover any blemishes and redness while letting the skin regenerate. This was just what I was looking for at the time. I forgot how much I loved this product, it really did help me feel less self conscious of the redness from the reaction and improved my skin within a week or so. If you want to read the post I done on this BB Cream click here. Once I done my foundation I like to add a subtle hint of colour to the cheeks and I use my Revlon Powder Blush £7.99 in shade Smoky Rose which is a lovely light pink, I just sweep it on the apples of my cheeks to make me feel more alive.


I noticed this year a heavy trend going round in beauty and make up was brows!! Now I have a full fringe. So to say I neglected my brows is an understatement, however over the past few months I started to give bit more attention to them. I'm still not 100% confident on them but I am getting there. A few months back Latest in Beauty got together with Glamour magazines Beauty Editor and they created a box of wonderful treats. One of these treats was the HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette in Foxy. The whole box only cost £14.95 and I believe that this palette costs alone £19.95 so that's a bargain already! As a newbie to the whole brows look I have been giving this item a go over the past month and I am surprisingly enjoying it. My fringe is growing right now and kinda sweeps to the side, so I kind of need to make sure they look a little decent as you can see just the one, which sounds odd but it doesn't look it....I hope. I use the medium shade and slowly outline my eyebrow then fill it in. I don't want them to look too obvious and I like that it gives a nice natural look. If anyone is interested in the Beauty Box the link is here. Or if you would rather just check out the palette I found it on amazon here. Mascara will always be my Avon SuperShock I have been using this stuff for years, I do try others but none impress me as much as this one. I get asked if I'm wearing false eyelashes or if I have lash extensions whenever I wear this mascara its that good. As its from Avon the price can tend to change in each campaign with any offers so heres the link to their official shop site. I done a blog post on this mascara also so if you want to see what I'm talking about click here. Eyeliners, I have cut back using these in the past month just for a bit of a break to the eyes. That and I am just hopeless at it haha it takes me ages to get liner just right. However I do like the L'Oreal Super Liner with its sponge tip to do the top lash line bitty, I have still not mastered cat eye but I am getting there. This stuff does last all day or night if I'm wearing it to go out, it is a pain to remove so I would recommend an eye make up remover. I cant seem to find the one I bought on the boots site but here's the link to a very similar one in colours blue or purple which I am tempted to try out. Nice change from black. My favorite pencil eye liner that I use for my waterline has to be Benefit BADgal Waterproof Eyeliner £15.00  it lasts all day and hardly smudges. There is a smudger at the other end if you want to use this liner for the top lashes and smudge it out for a bit of a smokey look. I did mention that only use mine for my waterline, being a bit on the pricey side it does last a long time.

 One thing I have particularly enjoyed this year when it has come to make up is applying it using the right tools. I cannot recommend Real Techniques Brushes enough, there are just the best brushes I have ever used. I started off with the Core collection then added the stippling brush, powder brush and the blush brush. I do intend on getting more as I love them that much. They just give such a lovely flawless cover and they are so soft to the skin. I wash mine about once a week with johnstons baby shampoo to get all the used make up off so I start each week with lovely clean brushes. To check out the range of Real Technique brushes here's the link, Samantha Chapman who created these lovely brushes also has a fab YouTube Channel with her sister where they do fantastic make up looks you can check them out here.

I fell in love with the brand Essie in February when I discovered the most gorgeous pink shade of nail polish that I had ever seen, in the name Lovie Dovie it had to be bought. Since then I bought 2 more shades, I recently bought the base coat and at Christmas I got the Winter Collection which I will review about soon. Essie has such beautiful shades of polish I want them all!! I do like to paint my nails I just get rather frustrated when they don't last and a day or 2 later they are all chipped but when I use my Essie polish it can be known to last me a week without chipping! Happy Days!! I am planning on adding plenty more to my collection, I have already spied a few new future buys. Keep your eyes posted on future posts with which ones I get. If you want to check Essie out here's a link to their official website. For removing nail polish it has to be Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover £4.99 you just pop your finger into the sponge twist it in for a couple of seconds, remove finger and bosh! nail varnish gone just like magic.

And there you have it! That is all of my favorite beauty things for 2013, I do wonder what will be my faves for next year. I am planning on broadening my make up ways so here's looking forward to the future!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Hogmanay!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Lets see what 2014 has to throw at us. :)