Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dreaming of some Sun!

Hello from the warm cosyness of my bed!!!

So all this week I have been around friends that are poorly with the cold :( As someone who rarely catches the dreaded cold in winter (it prefers to catch me in summer) I stocked up on my multi-vitamins and carried on. Today I have to wave my white flag and admit defeat! I have a sore throat, nose, head and a cough!!! I am going to spend today curled up all cosy in my bed that consist's of 2 duvets and 2 blankets haha! I have online shops open up on my browser and listening to The Frozen Soundtrack which I am seriously loving right now. If you haven't seen the film where have you been?!

Anyway while I was browsing through photos I came across my holiday photos from almost 2 years ago!! Reminiscing of the times one of my best friends Mel and I had in Corfu, Greece. We spent 10 days way up the North of Corfu just chilling out lazing by the pool taking advantage of the all inclusive food and drink. Yes there was a night where we got rather drunk (drunk is an understatement) and to this day it still reminds me why I don't drink much. The hangover was almost unbearable but then I would remember I was in such a beautiful part of the world so I sat out in the sun and drank lots of water and slowly died peacefully.

I thought I would share with you lovely lot some of our snaps from my holiday in Corfu.

Here is the view of the bottom pool area that had a bar and entertainment at night

Chilling by the pool

There's lots of strays around but they never bothered you, they were so cute!

Someone was thirsty

Just down from the hotel was little beach areas, across the water is Albania

Scenery going to our hotel

We took a little trip to the main town in Corfu 

Being allergic to chlorine sucks!! So being super close to the sea was amazing for me!

Have you guys ever been to Greece or any of the Islands? I would love to go to another part of Greece as it was such a lovely place. Looking back makes me miss summer lots! Might have to look into some holiday destinations for the future now.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post.

That's all from me today.

Lots of Lovies