Thursday, 23 January 2014

L'oreal Paris True Match Foundation and Powder Review!!

Goooood morning/ afternoon/ evening you lovely lot, hope your week is going good. Mines going pretty quick, cant believe we are almost at the end of January already! Its crazy!

Anyway this post's title pretty much sums up what I'm going to be jabbering on about today and its the L'Oreal True Match Foundation and Powder. 

As I mentioned in my previous post I'm going to try out more make up items this year, see if i can come across any new holy grail products. So I thought I would start with base products like primers, foundations, concealers and powder. 

To start it off we are going with the L'oreal True Match duo. Lets start with the foundation now at £9.99 in such a lovely packaged bottle you be mad to not try this out right? With it claiming to give the best natural, close to skin tone coverage without caking it just sounds too good to be true. Its light texture means you can also build up coverage for a "made to measure finish". Reading all this and hearing such fab reviews it had to be bought to try out. As Im still rather pale I went for shade Golden Ivory.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in Golden Ivory

Blended in :)

Applying the foundation I found it really light and a bit runny in texture, I tried applying it first with my real techniques foundation brush but it was leaving brush mark strokes so I swapped over to my buffing brush, buffing it into my skin making sure it was all blended in and looking pretty flawless. It did not do this for me at all. I had patches on my face where the foundation almost just sat and wouldn't blend in at all. I tried working it in and tried to build it up a bit. Later at work I noticed that my cheeks and forehead basically looked like I had dry skin that the foundation had just sort of clung too, It looked awful. Luckily work has cleanser where I could remove it. My friend Becky at work (Hiya Bexter if your reading) also mentioned how she had the exact same experience with this foundation. We both have different skin types so I don't think that it could be that, we have wondered if its maybe the fact we do work in a place that can get pretty hot so it might have been to do with the temperature. I am rather stumped on what caused the foundation to go like this. I tried using it for another 3 days trying different attempts from using a different primer to no primer at all and just using moisturiser for my base, tried applying it without a brush and just used my fingers, I even scrubbed the night before in case I had any dry skin patches (which I didn't) but with every attempt it still did the same thing. I am rather disappointed with the result of this foundation as it sounded amazing, I do think it is probably a really good foundation for those that have tried it and loved it however it was not for my skin :(.

Now we are on to the powder, this little gem is £8.19 and is in such a handy little compact style where you flip the lid open and the powder sits on a base and there's an underneath compartment that holds a little sponge so its perfect for you to pop in your bag. I also got this in the same shade as the foundation to be all matchy matchy, As I wasn't having such a time with the foundation I applied this on top one day and it made no difference what so ever. However I have used this on days where I have just used a bit of bb cream or another foundation I applied a light dusting of it with my real techniques powder brush and it gave me such a lovely finish and  it doesn't look at all caked on. 

Love the handiness of this product (excuse the chipped nail polish hehe)

The shade of the powder in Golden Ivory

Unfortunatly the foundation just wasn't for me which is a shame, however I am enjoying the powder. So with every negative there is a positive :) 

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post, I have just been honest in my experience with these products. I wouldn't try to tell anyone to not try out any of these products as I have heard such amazing reviews about it. We just weren't ment to be.

Lots of lovies