Sunday, 2 March 2014

Coconut Oil

Hi Guys!

So I mentioned on my check in Tuesday the other week which you can check out here that I had recently been suffering from bit of a bad scalp that it had been rather dry and flaky. It was driving me mad. So one Sunday on bbloggers chat on twitter I asked for any advice and tips on what can help treat dry scalp. So many bloggers replied to me which I was super happy about so thanks for that if any of you are reading this. The product that was mentioned the most was Coconut Oil! So it being the most popular product I had to go try it out.

 The next day I took a little visit to Superdrug and spied the cutest little pot of Coconut Oil and it was only priced at £2.29. This natural product is solid but it melts at a warmer temperature. I read the back of the tub for instructions on what to do for treating the scalp and it says to massage the product into your scalp cover with a towel and keep it in hair for a maximum of 2 hours then rinse off.

That night I decided to have a bit of a pamper night and try out the oil. When you open up the pot the smell of the coconut is strong and lovely, it reminds me of summer holidays. The product is rock solid I had to use my thumb nail to scrap it out and then I would rub the shavings in between the palms of my hands and then massaged it into my scalp I done this quite a few times just making sure I had got it through majority of my scalp. I then wrapped my hair up in a towel and let it do its magic. Within the 2 hours I had a face mask then a face scrub, tided up my eyebrows, bleached the upper lip tash (beautiful I know but I cant stand the pain of waxing) tided up my nails shaping them and putting more clear polish on. I also squeezed in an episode of Vampire Diaries and had a cup of Green Tea with lemon. When it was time to rinse off the instructions say just to shampoo no conditioner. So I jumped into the shower massaging my scalp getting rid of any oil I used my shampoo twice just making sure I got majority of the oil out.

I then used some colour protecting serum and a heat protect spray just to dry my fringe with my hairdryer. I only loosely dry the rest of my hair so its not soaking wet, when its just a little damp I let it dry by itself.

I been using this product at least once a week, usually a Sunday as that's when I pamper. And I have been noticing quite the improvement on my scalp, its not nearly as dry and flaky. It hasn't gone completely but it is slowly going so I am very happy with this. I would thoroughly recommend this product and there are many more uses for it other than scalp treatment.

That's all from me hope you lot are all well and happy.

Lots of Lovies