Thursday, 20 March 2014

Essie Nail Polish Tart Deco

So Boots 3 for 2 offer is making quite the dent in a lot of bloggers bank account right now and I am loving seeing all the haul posts on what everyone has treated themselves too. I have been pretty good and only treated myself to a few new items to try. So instead of doing a haul on all the items I am going to test out the products first and then do a review on each item.
First up had to be a new Essie polish and I was torn between all their shades, now I am a sucker for a Coral shade and with the thought of Spring/Summer coming I had thought a lovely Coral shade would be perfect! Not only is it a lovely warm bright colourful shade it goes with most skin shades from rather fair skin to beautiful tanned skin (perfect for summer if we get the sun this year). I don't own an Essie polish in Coral so I had my mind set on what I wanted which cut my decision time in half, honestly guys I don't know about you but I am at the Essie stand for aaaaages trying to decide. Tart Deco is the one that stood out most for me as I was looking for one not too light I wanted one that packed a bit of a punch on the bright coral side and this does not let me down. In certain lights its a lovely light coral shade and then in others its this bright deep orange coral shade, its just so lovely!! I even managed to keep this on the nails for just about 4 days before noticing any massive chips which is pretty good for me. So this defiantly gets a thumbs up from me.
Have you guys been treating yourself to any new nail polishes? any new shades for Spring/Summer? Leave me a comment below I would love to see what you got
That's all from me I hope you are all well :)
Lots of Lovies

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Check In Tuesday #7

Hiya beautiful people

It is that time again for another little Check In with you loverly lot :)

  • From last week I am all healthy again, I defeated the bug that had me bed ridden and now I am back to my bouncing happy self.
  • Gordee and I have completed Season 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones I am now searching on Amazon for Season 3 to keep in my little basket till pay day. We love it that much we are willing to buy it!!
  • I have about a week and a half to go and I will then be living in my new home, I am super super excited but I am also a little sad I will be leaving this flat. It was my first home by myself being all independent for over 2 years but I am looking forward to having a house this time with so much more storage and things that excite me like a garden.
  • On the note of moving I have Officially started to pack!!! The cat Winston hasn't been very helpful by hiding and running round playing in the boxes :/
  • Totally failing on the book front just now I'm not feeling it this week I look at it and I'm just like meh!!! Maybe I need a different book to read and leave that one for another time.
  • One thing I most certainly need to do is my driving theory, I had a lesson today and my instructor asked when I booked my theory test....yeah I haven't! I suck so bad at numbers and there's a bit you need to learn about stopping distance and I cant seem to get it stuck in my head!!! So that in mind I am now going to make sure I do a bit of Theory every night and go over it again and again so its stuck into my head!!!
  • I reached over a 100 peeps over on Bloglovin the past few days!! How awesome is that? Hello new peeeeeeps I'm so excited you have joined me over here to read my ramblings haha hope your not too disappointed. Hello to you lovely lot who have been there from the start too. Love you all!!
  • And finally the image I have used for this Check In is a cake!!! That's cause this Saturday the 22nd of March I will be turning 25 years old!!! Feels like just the other day I celebrated my 21st, my plans are lunch with my girlies (hello ladies if your reading) and then I'm going to my mum and stepdads with Gordee to have dinner with them and all my step sisters (there's 3)  one and her husband, the other 2 and their boyfriends and one has a little girl, my beautiful niece!! Sorry if that was confusing ha!!   
I hope you are all having an awesome week so far, leave me a comment with anything exciting you been up too!!
Lots of Lovies

Monday, 17 March 2014

My Evening Skincare Routine!

So I have already shared with you wonderful lot my morning skincare routine that I figured I best show you what products I use on an evening. Evening skincare has to be my favourite as I always feel like Im giving my skin a mini pamper. So lets get started!!

If its a day where I have quite a bit of eye make up on I use The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Remover £8.00 I just shake it up and down so the 2 liquids mix in together then get a cotton pad using just a small amount of the liquid  I place the pad on my eyes then wipe away the make up. After this I use The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter £12.00 to remove the rest of my make up, I love this stuff. You just apply it on a dry face apply the product to your fingers then massage round the face seeing the make up melt away I then rinse off with a muslin cloth and warm water. After removing my make up I take my Cetaphil cleanser £8.99 use 2 pumps on a cotton pad and work it into my skin.

Once I have done all my cleansing I use Superdrugs Optimum Swiss Apple Overnight Skin Renewal Serum £14.99  by just applying 2 pumps on to my fingers then using circular motions massaging in to my face and neck. I then apply my Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream £2.99 this is a lovely thick luxurious cream perfect for bed time. Then I use my eye cream, I am currently using 2 so I decide on the night which one I use, during the day I use Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream £2.54 so sometimes I will use it again at night. My other option is Superdrugs Optimum Super Antioxidant Grape Ultra Protecting Eye Cream £9.99. I just use a small amount dotting the product around my eye area then massaging it in. After I have done all that I use a lip balm or butter to help keep the lips moisturised, I am currently using an nspa one in coconut ice which I received in a Christmas present.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, these are the items I am currently using and that seem to be doing the trick to helping keep my skin healthy. Which products do you swear by for your evening routine?

That's all from me

Lots of Lovies

Friday, 14 March 2014

My Morning Skincare Routine!


Hello you beautiful lot

I thought I would show you guys my morning skincare routine, I have pretty temperamental skin that can be oily, sensitive and dry but these products I have been using recently as part of my routine have sure done my skin some good. I haven't had any random patches of dry skin lately or had any recent break outs including allergic reactions. At the moment I have some pretty happy skin which makes a very happy SJ!! So I figured why not share with you beauty's what I use.
So to start off when I'm in the shower I use Soap and Glory's Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 deep purifying cleanser £8.00 to waken up my skin I use just one pump and work it into my face using circular motions and then wash off. Once I'm finished in the shower I use my Cetaphil cleanser £8.99, Yes I use 2 cleansers but I like the soap and glory one to waken my face up in the morning and then I use Cetaphil for cleansing properly, you don't need to cleanse twice this has just worked for me. For the Cetaphil I either use one pump and work it into my skin then rinse off or I use one pump on a cotton pad massaging it into my face.

Once I have double cleansed I then tone using The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner £8.00 using just a small amount on a cotton pad working round my face. For the eyes to keep them hydrated and fighting away those pesky wrinkles I use Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream £2.54 where I use just a small amount dotting it around the eye area massaging it in. I finish off with my Superdrug Vitamin E Day Cream £2.99 I dot this cream on my chin, forehead and cheeks then working it into my skin, this stuff smells lovely and is super moisturising I love this range its so cheap and great to my skin.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Catch you all soon

Lots of Lovies

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Check In Tuesday #6

Hey Guys

How are you all? Hope everyone's good and feeling pretty happy and positive. Spring is well on its way and that has defiantly cheered me up. Its that day again where I ramble on about some things I am loving or disliking at the moment, cant believe this is my 6th Check In Tuesday already! I have no idea where the weeks are going!!

  • So the end of last week I became rather poorly and caught the dreaded flu!! I had quite a few days in my bed and then progressively moved to the sofa which means I haven't done that much.
  • Being poorly ment I managed to get a few episodes of Vampire Diaries Season 5 and OMG its sooooo good.
  • I also have been reading my book and every evening I make sure I read a bit of it even if it is just a few pages its better than it just sitting collecting dust which was what it done throughout February (I blame VD on Netlix)
  • Looks like Gordee and I have a new home guys!!! YAY!!! moving at the end of march wooooo!!
  • Also we started watching Game of Thrones, I bought Gordee it as part of his Christmas both seasons 1 and 2 so we started watching that. It needs my full concentration that show cause so much is going on.
  • At my job we get the most loveliest customers who at Christmas time gave us tins of sweeties and biscuits, we have a customer who bakes cakes for us and last week I had one that brought in some cardboard boxes she had for me to start with my packing its people that them that make me love my job and know that if your nice to someone they can be nice back :)
  • I have been going on the vibration plates at my work they aim to help you tighten and tone, I'm giving them a go as I am rather curious to see what sort of affect it has done to my body at the end of the month.
  • At the weekend I hit 900 followers on Instagram this might not seem a lot to some of you but it certainly cheered my poorlyself up, if any of you would also like to follow and you don't already just click here, I post regularly.
  • Could Spring finally be on its way? The sun has come out to play quite a few times now and its not nearly so cold ,here's hoping it is as I am missing the lighter nights for walking.
That's all from me guys hope you enjoyed this check in with you all, sorry if its not that exciting hopefully my next one will be (blame the flu). Leave a comment if you like, let me know what you have been up too, I love reading them and I reply to all of them.
Lots of Lovies

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Whats in my MakeUp Bag!!

I used to store all my make up in a drawer and I would spend ages rummaging around looking for a certain product, so I decided to invest in a good sized organised make up bag and keep in it the products I use all the time. I will be changing it up every now and then but for now I thought I would show you wonderful lot what is in my bag at this current time.

The make up bag zips open all the way round and inside is a organiser clip that holds 2 other little make up bags one is mesh type material and the other is in the same material as the main bag. There is another section on the right which has pockets to hold make up brushes and another big pocket then on the left is one main pocket.

 The pocket on the right is where I am keeping my current favourite eye shadows, my little bottle of Benefit highbeam and a pot of soap and glory lip balm.
 In the clear mesh material bag I keep my 2 go to foundations which are my No7 Beautifully matte and the Rimmel Match Perfection which I really must do a review on as its so good. I also keep 4 concealers!!! 2 are from the collection lasting perfection range just one lighter shade than the other. I have my No7 one that has been colour matched along with my foundation and Seventeens Phwoarr Paint which is awesome for tired eyes!
The little material bag is where I keep my eye make up, I have my eye pencil sharpener, 2 mascaras my beloved Avon SuperShock and another one I love for my less make up days the L'Oreal False Lash Flutter. Eyeliner wise I have in pencil form the Benefit BadGAL waterproof pencil in black and the Rimmel Exaggerate eye liner in liquid form also in black. For the brows we have my Rimmel pencil and the Maybelline master shape pencil.
Finally in the left pocket I am keeping my Oriflame Studio Artist Loose Powder which is a white powder that you place on top of your make up to set your foundation. Avon Calming Effects powder foundation and the Avon Kabuki brush this stuff is my current fave at the moment which I am going to do a review on as its that good!!! For a good pink cheek I have my Maybelline dream mousse blush in dolly pink for a healthy flushed cheek.
I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, I would love to read your comments and I will reply to them.
That's all from me today hope your all well and happy :)
Lots of Lovies

Saturday, 8 March 2014

International Women's Day 2014

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Hello and Happy International Women's Day!!!

So International Womans Day is a pretty important day and in some countries it is known as a holiday where mums, grans, girlfriends receive gifts almost like a mothers day. Its a day that represents celebration and recognition on how well the treatment of us Woman has improved. Many many moons ago it was believed that Men done all the "hard work" and Woman stayed at home and done the cooking the cleaning and raised the children, know I don't have any children but I would have loved to see men do the cooking and the cleaning back then. Times have changed now and Woman are still fighting to be classed as equal to the men in many working environments and slowly we are getting there. International Womans day is more than that though its a day that shows just how awesome we Woman really are from ones that have been fighting illness, abusive relationships, depression we are all different shapes and sizes but we are all Awesome!! And today I am going to share with you some Woman that are a true inspiration to me.

My number 1 true inspiration is my mum, together we have been through so much. If I ever have a problem about anything she is the one I turn to and I know that I can trust her. When my Dad left us I was about 12yrs old but he had been working away from home before he actually left us that we were already used to it being just the 2 of us at home. Growing up I didn't exactly have the best teenage years and I cant even imagine what I put my mum through but she always stayed strong for me and tried her best to understand what I was going through. When she met my step dad almost 9 years ago I was so happy for her, she has this new lease of life about her and is truly happy. She always has a positive side about her and I know that no matter what I do with my life she wont care what it is as long as I am 100% happy. I love my mum to bits and I only hope I am exactly like her.

My second Has to be my Granny, when I was a kid I used to always go to stay with my Granny and Grandad on school holidays. They lived in a big bungalow out in the middle of nowhere up here in Scotland. I loved to help my granny with anything round the house including washing the plastic fruit she kept in a bowl, she taught me to cross stitch and she always allowed me to stay up late watching late night movies. My first scary film I watched was The Birds and I watched it with her. When my grandad passed away almost 8 years ago I'm not going to lie I was very worried the affect this loss would have on my Granny. My Granny and Grandad were each others true loves they were the only true love relationship I grew up around. Well she has showed us we have nothing to worry about! Turning 87 this year and does not look a day over 60 we say to her. She still does her house work, is always hoping on the bus going here and there out having latte's and cake (she even has her own costa card), treating herself to new bags and purses. She shows me that life goes on and you got to live each day and keep being positive. Love this woman to bits! I can only hope I'm as healthy as she is when I am her age.
Now for my third, It had to be someone that I have never met but I find really inspiring. There was many ladies on my list but I had to go for Miss Audrey Kitching!! This for me is the original pink haired princess, I have followed and looked up to this beautiful lady for years and years, since before the pink hair when it was blonde with black underneath and a turquoise blue streak! I stumbled across this lady on livejournal I cannot even remember how but I did and there was just something about her even from her early modelling day photos that I just thought she is awesome that for a time I just wanted to be her! Years of following her and many different hair style changes later she still inspires me to do what I want to do and believe in myself, you guys should check out Audrey's Buzznet page by clicking here.
Which lady inspires you? leave a comment below I would love to read them and reply
That's all from me today hope you enjoyed this post and Happy International Women's Day!
Lots of Lovies

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Avon SpeedDry Sparkle Nail Enamel

Hi Guys

Today I thought I would share with you these lovely new nail polishes coming out from Avon. They are from the Speed Dry Nail Enamel range which aims to dry in just 30 seconds. They will be releasing a range of 6 new aqua blue shades that contain small itty bitty flakes of sparkle (Yay Sparkle)

I went for 2 of the new shades, one in the shade Enchanted Siren which is a pale blue green shade almost like duck egg blue. The second one I purchased was Trance a lovely darker shade of turquoise. The both of them look lovely together I used Enchanted Siren on all my nails other than my ring finger where I used Trance, I done 2 coats of each and then a clear coat on top. It lasted about 4 days without chipping apart from a small chip I done when I first painted them. Oooops! But I am very impressed with them, I love the shades they are perfect for spring they work well together and I love the sparkle.

If any of you lovely lot are interested they will be released in the next few weeks I'm guessing from the 13th of March with campaign 7 and they will be on half price at £3 originally they cost £6 each.

That's all from me today hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Lots of Lovies

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Check In Tuesday #5

Hi Guys

Its time for another Check In with you beautiful bunch, I hope you are all well and happy :)

  • My laptop has been fixed Yay!!! There is still a few little glitches with it but I am on to working them out so the good news is that I can finally get back in to blogging. I'm so happy its fixed.
  • I have finished my Vampire Diaries binge :( So now I'm a little stuck, over here in the UK Season 5 has already started so I cant catch up which means the wait begins for Season 5 to go on to Netflix.
  • Since finishing my binge on Netflix I have started watching good old Buffy but only the odd episode here and there, I'm not hooked yet haha.
  • I have started my book again and I am finally getting back into it, I forgot how much I liked it that I am determined to read a bit each day.
  • I have also been enjoying my past few driving lessons and I am now feeling pretty positive about it and feeling that I CAN do this!!! So I need to pass my theory, I have been reading my theory books and doing practise tests on my laptop and I am doing not bad.
  • On the home front we may have a possible new place to live we are waiting to sign the contract before getting all excited, I think I will do a possible post on some home inspirations.
  • Boots 3 for 2 is killing my bank balance at the moment haha I have been treating myself to plenty body lotions and potions but I decided yesterday was my last trip of this offer so no more spending in Boots for a while which is going to be hard considering its my birthday month and I received in the post from Boots a double points card you can use the entire month of your birthday.
  • My birthday is coming up!!! Yay!!! and I will be turning 25 I don't think I will do a wish list post as I'm happy with money or gift cards.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post leave me a comment if you like tell me what you have been up too I would love to hear from you.

Catch you guys laters

Lots of Lovies

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Coconut Oil

Hi Guys!

So I mentioned on my check in Tuesday the other week which you can check out here that I had recently been suffering from bit of a bad scalp that it had been rather dry and flaky. It was driving me mad. So one Sunday on bbloggers chat on twitter I asked for any advice and tips on what can help treat dry scalp. So many bloggers replied to me which I was super happy about so thanks for that if any of you are reading this. The product that was mentioned the most was Coconut Oil! So it being the most popular product I had to go try it out.

 The next day I took a little visit to Superdrug and spied the cutest little pot of Coconut Oil and it was only priced at £2.29. This natural product is solid but it melts at a warmer temperature. I read the back of the tub for instructions on what to do for treating the scalp and it says to massage the product into your scalp cover with a towel and keep it in hair for a maximum of 2 hours then rinse off.

That night I decided to have a bit of a pamper night and try out the oil. When you open up the pot the smell of the coconut is strong and lovely, it reminds me of summer holidays. The product is rock solid I had to use my thumb nail to scrap it out and then I would rub the shavings in between the palms of my hands and then massaged it into my scalp I done this quite a few times just making sure I had got it through majority of my scalp. I then wrapped my hair up in a towel and let it do its magic. Within the 2 hours I had a face mask then a face scrub, tided up my eyebrows, bleached the upper lip tash (beautiful I know but I cant stand the pain of waxing) tided up my nails shaping them and putting more clear polish on. I also squeezed in an episode of Vampire Diaries and had a cup of Green Tea with lemon. When it was time to rinse off the instructions say just to shampoo no conditioner. So I jumped into the shower massaging my scalp getting rid of any oil I used my shampoo twice just making sure I got majority of the oil out.

I then used some colour protecting serum and a heat protect spray just to dry my fringe with my hairdryer. I only loosely dry the rest of my hair so its not soaking wet, when its just a little damp I let it dry by itself.

I been using this product at least once a week, usually a Sunday as that's when I pamper. And I have been noticing quite the improvement on my scalp, its not nearly as dry and flaky. It hasn't gone completely but it is slowly going so I am very happy with this. I would thoroughly recommend this product and there are many more uses for it other than scalp treatment.

That's all from me hope you lot are all well and happy.

Lots of Lovies