Monday, 25 November 2013

Highend Vs HighStreet TAG

So earlier on this evening I received a tweet from the lovely Heather at  asking if I would take part in a new TAG she created over on her blog . I was really happy she asked me to do one, my first TAG!!! So here it is

I have chosen to do my Highend Vs Highstreet on Skincare, Heather done hers on MakeUp however my skincare collection overtakes my make up these days :)

1. What is your favourite high end item?
Oooo this has to be my Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser, I got this stuff last year at Gatwick airport, I had about 4 hours to kill for my next flight so Duty Free was just heaven. I had a really bad break out at the time so I went to the Demalogica counter, the staff was so helpful and really analysed my skin. They came to the conclusion my skin is oily to combination with areas of congestion. I use this when my skin isn't at its best in the morning and at bedtime, the cucumber and sage really help soothe away the redness and my skin always feels refreshed and soft. It also doubles as a face mask which is a lovely extra treat. I had the 250ml bottle at £27 but I have to say its well worth the money, I have only just finished it and I will most defiantly be purchasing it again.

2. What is your favourite high street item?
This has to be my favourite everyday cleanser Cetaphil, this stuff is just amazing!! My skin has over the past few months been super sensitive, I have taken a few allergic reactions where the skin on my face has dried up, swelled, itchiness and red. So I needed a cleanser that was really gentle to the skin I also heard this was good for acne which was a bonus for any bad breakouts I had. It doesn't strip the skin, doesn't have much a smell, can be used on most skin types, removes make up and moisturises it is my holy grail product. Its only £8.99 for a 236ml bottle.

3. Name one high end item that was a disappointment/wasn't worth the hype
For me this has to be Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions 3 Step System £30, this set is aimed to give fast and effective treatment to blemished skin. You get a cleansing foam, a clarifying lotion and a clearer moisturiser. For a while I suffered with acne, I'm not going to lie I was so self conscious of it I tried so many different products to treat it when I seen this 3 step system I thought I found the cure to all my problems. The first few weeks it seemed to be working a treat, however after a month or 2 of using it my breakouts were getting worse and my skin just seemed pretty angry at me I had to stop using it. I read so many reviews on how good it was so I was rather disappointed that it didn't work for me :( but hopefully it really has worked for others.

4. Name one high street item that surprised you in terms of how much you love it.
This is a rather odd one, its Aloe Vera Gel 100ml for £3.99 from Holland and Barrett. From having a previous allergic reaction that left my skin so dry I was recommended to give Aloe vera gel a try and my god is this stuff amazing. So amazing that I use it every night after cleansing and before moisturising. It soothes and moisturises the skin, helps dry, chapped skin, stretch marks and skin irritations. It is another must have item I need in the bathroom cupboards at all times.

5. If you could only buy high end or high street for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
This is a tough one as I would normally say high end from the quality of the product however I am finding the high street is catching on and doing many alternatives to the high end products, for that I'm going to choose High street :D

6. What are your best dupes?
The No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover at £8.50 I'm pretty sure this is a dupe of the Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover £17.00 in the sense that you shake it to mix both parts of the lotion. You just shake it then tab it on cotton wool pad hold it on the eye area for about 10 seconds then wipe away the days make up. I love this stuff, for my dry sensitive skin it works a treat and doesn't irritate my skin!

7. If all of your skincare disappeared, what would be the first 5 products you repurchased (high end or high street)?
Oh gosh well my Dermalogica Cleanser would be the one high end product, Cetaphil, Aloe Vera Gel, Sudocream and my Boots own Simple Sensitive Moisturiser would be my high street products so mostly high street.

8. What is your favourite brand overall (high end or high street)?
Its actually the Superdrug Vitamin E range, my skin always feels pampered using these products and they smell amazing, my mum loves this range and got me into it. Their moisturisers are so lovely to the skin I always have a pot in my bathroom cupboard for when I'm needing that extra boost.

So there you have it, you can tell I'm quite the beauty product junkie haha!
I hope you guys have enjoyed this, feel free to do your own and then comment with your link so I can read them :)


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