Saturday, 16 November 2013

No7 Match Made In Heaven

A few weeks ago I ran out of my favourite foundation Revlon Colour Stay, now normally I would go marching down to Boots and purchase another bottle asap but instead I was rather adventurous and went along to the No7 counter and thought I would give the the Match Made service a go. This is where they take a little machine and place it on an area of you're skin (on your face of course) and it scans the area resulting in a perfect shade of foundation for you. I thought this is far to good to be true so I went along spoke to the lady on the counter, she assured me that we can also try a few little testers as well to see which one I found that better suit my skin type and shade. 
I explained that I have oily skin and can also suffer from the odd break out here and there, to this she recommended the Beautifully Matte Foundation £12.95 in my shade Cool Vanilla. This foundation is aimed to balance oil and minimise the appearance of pores. I thought that sounded fantastic the matte appealed to me also as I do work in a place that can get pretty hot and I didn't want my foundation dripping off my face. An even better pro to this foundation is it also contains salicylic acid to help unblock those nasty pores and help improve the overall condition of our skin. It gives a medium to full coverage which is fantastic, its hypoallergenic which I also find to be a bit of a pro too as my skin can be super sensitive and it has an SPF 15 to help keep our skin protected and is supposedly ment to last up too 14 hours wear time. I haven't worn it for longer than 12 hours but I have noticed that when I remove my make up at night it is still there. The texture of this foundation is lovely its not to thick and not runny its just perfect and a little does really go along way. When I apply it I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush which was the Core Collection Set you can get in Boots or can find them a bitty cheaper on sites like Amazon or I heard Asda do them cheaper as well. The coverage I get using the foundation and the brush is lovely flawless look. I could not recommend this stuff more. 

                               No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation £12.95

Once I had the foundation I thought well I may as well get the Match Made Concealer £7.50 in same shade Cool Vanilla too so I'm all matchy matchy :D. The concealer is in a stick form that just twists up like a lipstick and it gives a lovely flawless cover to any little breakouts I have. I also use it to hide any bags under my eyes on days they look rather darker than normal. The texture is lovely and creamy its very easy to apply and is said to last up to 16 hours!

                               No7 Match Made Concealer £7.50

                         Concealer on the left & Foundation on the right

Now in the little town I live in believe it or not we happen to have 3 Boots stores all different sizes however they all stock No7, I went to the one in our little retail park as the counter is right by the window. Whenever I try foundations I test it along my jawline and then go outside with a friend or my mum and see if it matches my skin tone as I don't want the line of where my make starts on my jawline up to where it ends by my hairline I like it all to blend in well. With this stores counter being by the window I had natural light coming through which was better for me to tell that it did suit my skin not just in the stores artificial lighting but also in natural lighting as well. So my tip would be have someone with you who can help you out and check indoors and outdoors.

So if anyone reading this is coming to the end of their foundation and is thinking on trying something different that hasn't tried the Match Made Service I thoroughly recommend it. I am in love with these 2 products they work so well together and really do give me such a flawless coverage, they quite possibly will be my new must haves!

Hope everyone's having a lovely Saturday. Feel free to comment maybe you have tried a new foundation did you love it or even if you hate it? You can also follow me if you would like to keep up to date on any new posts :)

Lots of Lovies