Friday, 15 November 2013

Hi Guys

Hello Everyone I hope your all well and looking forward to the weekend. I have been a little quiet this week to which I do apologise, this week has gone crazy fast for me and been tad stressful on some fronts. I have a list of blogs to post so within the next few days they shall be up so keep your eyes peeled for that. This week has consisted of working, driving lesson, studying theory, my knee locking twice which is so painful when it does I end up hobbling around all evening, I dropped my phone in my soup but its all good it seems to be working now but my god did I panic, I had a little bit of a cock up organising my works staff night out but it is all sorted now....I hope. Then to top it off little Winston was poorly yesterday I was so worried about him, I swear I'm worse than a parent. We got him to the vets and he was ok it was just a poorly tummy he is now back to his normal self and wont leave my side. Today I have the day off as one of my closest friend Becky and I have been invited to our gay friends wedding/ civil partnership ceremony. I have so much to do before we go to that but before I get started with them I thought I would leave a little post to just check in with some photos from the week.
My Latest in Beauty Box The Glamour Beauty Edit
This fab box of treats arrived in the post this week which I am super excited to try all the goodies out over the next few days then I will put up a post reviewing these bad boys.
My face all ready for a days work, working the dark lip look I will be reviewing the lip liner and the lipstick I use here as they are very much my new favourites.
And lastly here is my poorly baby all curled up sleeping, I'm so glad he is feeling better.
Most these Images are also up on my Instagram you can give me a follow there if you like I'm under SparklySJ
Sorry about the short post guys, as I said there will be more posts up within the next few days. This post is just me popping by saying Hi.
Have a fabulous weekend!!!
Lots of Love