Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Sunshine Award

Hiiiii Guys
I am so sorry I haven't been blogging much since last week, I actually have no idea where the week had gone. I am back though and I have a notebook bursting with ideas for future blog posts. To start back in to the swing of things I have this lovely post :)

So the beautiful Bethany over at http://missbethanyx.blogspot.co.uk/ nominated me last week for The Sunshine Award. This is where other bloggers nominate 11 bloggers that they find creative inspiring and positive blogs. So to start I just want to say a massive Thank You to Bethany :)

The rules are: 
Post 11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 11 beautiful bloggers
Write 11 questions for them
Inform the 11 bloggers you nominate them!
So here goes
11 Random Facts about Me!
1. I am rather petite
2. I have 3 stepsisters and 1 half brother
3. I am terrified of clowns
4. My favourite colour is a pale mint green
5. I have a rather geeky love for Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Harry Potter
6. I have a collection of momiji
7. I love pandas
8. I have some bizarre allergies from shellfish, chlorine along with some nuts.
9. I adore Studio Ghibli films (have a soft spot for anything Japanese really)
10. I drink a lot of green tea
11. My dream holiday is Bora Bora
My 11 Questions from Bethany
1. Who is your favourite blogger?
Has to be the beautiful Meg over at http://wonderful--you.blogspot.co.uk/ . I discovered this stunner last year, I just think she is just lush. She has gorgeous style and I love that she is 100% honest and herself. Check her out!
2. Favourite nail varnish colour?
Is a lovely dark plum colour I have from Nails Inc called Piccadilly Circus
3. Favourite TV Show?
Gossip Girl!! Just everything about this tv show is fab! from the clothes, the hair, the crazy drama and of course the lush Chuck Bass. I'm gutted its finished, but I do watch the box sets every year.
4. Could Meet anyone in the world who?
Has to be Surprise Surprise Katy Perry!!!!!!! I just love her, she is stunning. I love all her albums and she seems like such a fun and lovely person. We would go shopping and have cups of tea and chats.
5. Favourite Song right now?
Okay I only just discovered this song while browsing this artist's page on iTunes. It's Lana Del Rey's song Young & Beautiful from The Great Gatsby Soundtrack. I do love this woman's voice and this song is just beautiful.
6. Most expensive beauty product?
This has to be the Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer, I got this at the Duty Free (not sure what the price was as I purchased a few bits). However when I went on the actual site and it was £68.90!!! Now I don't normally spend much on skincare and I have to say I stretched these out to last at least 4 months. And it was well worth the money. God bless credit cards that's all I have to say haha.
7. How do you normally do your hair?
Normally I have it down just doing its own thing. When I hit day 3 I spray a bit of dry shampoo and pin it up in a bun.
8. How long do you spend on your blog each week?
At the moment I'm trying to spend at least 3-4 hours a day on my blog. However I am also trying to do my driving theory stuff so I decided to split it up, one day I do my blog then the next I do revision on my theory but blogs sometimes do distract me haha.
9. Early bird or Night owl?
I would like to say I'm more an early bird, I just don't like wasting my day in bed. Especially now that it gets dark so early now.
10. Any Pets?
Winston our black 6 month old male cat. I would say this but he is just the cutest cat ever!!! And he is so loveable, he loves meeting new people :)
11. Favourite hot drink?
I drink lots and lots of herbal tea, mainly green tea! At the moment I'm loving Green Tea with Pomegranate.
My Questions:
1. Favourite skincare product?
2. Favourite brand of nail polish?
3. Favourite high street product?
4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where?
5. What's your favourite season?
6. What is your favourite film?
7. What look are you really into right now?
8. Is there anything in particular your looking forward too in 2014?
9. What product are you desperate to try out but haven't yet?
10. Favourite drink? (alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot or cold)
11. What tv show or book (even both if you want) are you loving right now?
The Bloggers I nominate are:
Sorry about having to post all the long links up, I haven't figured out how to shorten them lol
I shall return in next few days with more posts