Thursday, 21 November 2013

Avon Nailwear Pro+ Diamond Nail Enamel

Now I don't know about you but I do appreciate a good nail polish and I personally feel that Avon never seem to disappoint me. So when I seen Nailwear Pro+ Diamond Nail Enamel "ultra glossy nail polish containing diamond dust" I was a sucker for its sparklyness in the booky. I went for the shade Night Violet and I am just in love with it. Its a lovely berry shade which is perfect for this time of year with its little shimmers from the diamond dust. Its nice that its not full on sparkle and it is just a lovely subtle one that you could possibly wear during the day as well as night time.

                                                  I love the shape of the bottle.

                                                  Its a lovely deep purple shade.

   Here's a photo with the flash on so you can see the lovely sparklyness this nail polish has.

The polish comes in 6 shades including my lovely purple one, I am toying with the idea on getting another one in another colour as I do love it that much. At the moment you can find this in Avon books or on their website which you can shop on although you do have to sign up first. Just now these nail polishes are only £4 (bargain!) in brochure 18 but normally will cost £6 which I still think is not a bad price for nail polish these days.

If there's any nail polishes that you like and what shades you leave please feel free to comment below I do love any suggestions on some new ones.

Lots of Lovies