Monday, 4 November 2013

Christmas Shopping

Morning!! Cant believe its Monday already where has the weekend gone? Hope everyone had a lovely one.

So winter is well on its way which means Christmas is coming!! So this little blog post is all about Christmas shopping, now this is either a fun task or is a dreaded one. I am one of those who loves Christmas shopping however I do not enjoy the busy bustling and the pushing the shoving in the big shops. Seeing as how I live in a rather small town there isn't that may shops to choose from to do your big Christmas shop but when I do go out its usually on a break from work when the shops aren't crazy busy like at the weekends.

I'm going to share with you my top tips on getting that shopping done!

To start off I make a list of every person I need to buy presents for from my family to my friends, next to each name I write an idea I have for them if I have one and then once I have bought it I will either tick it off or score it out and write what I bought instead. Another thing I tend to do is before I start I will check my bank balance as I have bills to pay also like rent, gas, electric, council tax all those dreaded grown up things, and will then work out what needs to be paid and write down a rough estimate on a budget for all those presents.

When I work Monday to Friday the thought of going round all the shops at the weekend is just a giant headache. So I happen to find online shopping super handy, I also write down the total from each site I have gone on to make sure I am still in that budget.

I'm going to share with you guys some of my favourite websites where I get some good presents from.

A great site for beauty products of gifts sets which you can get at bargain prices is and of course another favourite of mine is where they have such a wide range of presents for everyone out there plus the added fact that their on 3 for 2 is just a fab bargain when you want to try and do it on the cheaper side. If your really stuck for ideas a great site I use is they have fantastic items on there ranging from home items to handbags, I tend to use this site a lot for birthday presents so coming up to Christmas I will be on it a lot more. I have also spent many times on which is a site that's like Campus Gifts but each site has items and brands that the other doesn't so I do tend to jump back and forth on to both sites. There is also the usual sites to go on to like or if you have a specific idea in mind for someone but the price tag is rather a tad pricey you can always have a good look on

I hope this is somewhat helpful for the Christmas shoppers out there, let me know if you have any sites for good present ideas I do love a good website browse.

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