Sunday, 17 November 2013

Avon SuperShock Mascara

So recently I seen on the bbloggers twitter feed a lot of bloggers asking about others favourite mascara as they either need a new one or are not loving the one they are using. When I see these tweets I always comment mentioning my favourite is Avons Supershock. I have always had a tube of this in my make up bag or in my vanity case for years (obviously not the same one) whenever I have been adventurous and tried some well known drugstore brands ones I always go back to Avon. I always have it in a black shade although I have heard that brown mascaras are ment to be good for blue eyes. Here is my review on this bad boy.

The packaging I have this time is a limited edition one which they do tend to take out every now and then but the SuperShock has always been the same. The wands got lots of little plastic bristles almost like a tiny comb that goes all the way round, with there being so many of the little bristles it is just like combing your eyelashes . I like to start at the root and then wiggle the wand out to the tops of my lashes. I do always tend to do more than one coat, usually about 2 or 3.
I do find this mascara is amazing it really opens up my eyes. I do apologise about the state of my brows in these pics haha and my hairs a tad messy but I hope I managed to show you the difference my eyes have with just a lick of mascara.
The SuperShock Mascara is normally about £10 but I always tend to buy when its on offer or The SuperShock Max which is another beaut of a mascara. This stuff really is my favourite by a long shot cant recommend it further.
Have a fab day guys.