Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Check In Tuesday #7

Hiya beautiful people

It is that time again for another little Check In with you loverly lot :)

  • From last week I am all healthy again, I defeated the bug that had me bed ridden and now I am back to my bouncing happy self.
  • Gordee and I have completed Season 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones I am now searching on Amazon for Season 3 to keep in my little basket till pay day. We love it that much we are willing to buy it!!
  • I have about a week and a half to go and I will then be living in my new home, I am super super excited but I am also a little sad I will be leaving this flat. It was my first home by myself being all independent for over 2 years but I am looking forward to having a house this time with so much more storage and things that excite me like a garden.
  • On the note of moving I have Officially started to pack!!! The cat Winston hasn't been very helpful by hiding and running round playing in the boxes :/
  • Totally failing on the book front just now I'm not feeling it this week I look at it and I'm just like meh!!! Maybe I need a different book to read and leave that one for another time.
  • One thing I most certainly need to do is my driving theory, I had a lesson today and my instructor asked when I booked my theory test....yeah I haven't! I suck so bad at numbers and there's a bit you need to learn about stopping distance and I cant seem to get it stuck in my head!!! So that in mind I am now going to make sure I do a bit of Theory every night and go over it again and again so its stuck into my head!!!
  • I reached over a 100 peeps over on Bloglovin the past few days!! How awesome is that? Hello new peeeeeeps I'm so excited you have joined me over here to read my ramblings haha hope your not too disappointed. Hello to you lovely lot who have been there from the start too. Love you all!!
  • And finally the image I have used for this Check In is a cake!!! That's cause this Saturday the 22nd of March I will be turning 25 years old!!! Feels like just the other day I celebrated my 21st, my plans are lunch with my girlies (hello ladies if your reading) and then I'm going to my mum and stepdads with Gordee to have dinner with them and all my step sisters (there's 3)  one and her husband, the other 2 and their boyfriends and one has a little girl, my beautiful niece!! Sorry if that was confusing ha!!   
I hope you are all having an awesome week so far, leave me a comment with anything exciting you been up too!!
Lots of Lovies