Saturday, 8 March 2014

International Women's Day 2014

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Hello and Happy International Women's Day!!!

So International Womans Day is a pretty important day and in some countries it is known as a holiday where mums, grans, girlfriends receive gifts almost like a mothers day. Its a day that represents celebration and recognition on how well the treatment of us Woman has improved. Many many moons ago it was believed that Men done all the "hard work" and Woman stayed at home and done the cooking the cleaning and raised the children, know I don't have any children but I would have loved to see men do the cooking and the cleaning back then. Times have changed now and Woman are still fighting to be classed as equal to the men in many working environments and slowly we are getting there. International Womans day is more than that though its a day that shows just how awesome we Woman really are from ones that have been fighting illness, abusive relationships, depression we are all different shapes and sizes but we are all Awesome!! And today I am going to share with you some Woman that are a true inspiration to me.

My number 1 true inspiration is my mum, together we have been through so much. If I ever have a problem about anything she is the one I turn to and I know that I can trust her. When my Dad left us I was about 12yrs old but he had been working away from home before he actually left us that we were already used to it being just the 2 of us at home. Growing up I didn't exactly have the best teenage years and I cant even imagine what I put my mum through but she always stayed strong for me and tried her best to understand what I was going through. When she met my step dad almost 9 years ago I was so happy for her, she has this new lease of life about her and is truly happy. She always has a positive side about her and I know that no matter what I do with my life she wont care what it is as long as I am 100% happy. I love my mum to bits and I only hope I am exactly like her.

My second Has to be my Granny, when I was a kid I used to always go to stay with my Granny and Grandad on school holidays. They lived in a big bungalow out in the middle of nowhere up here in Scotland. I loved to help my granny with anything round the house including washing the plastic fruit she kept in a bowl, she taught me to cross stitch and she always allowed me to stay up late watching late night movies. My first scary film I watched was The Birds and I watched it with her. When my grandad passed away almost 8 years ago I'm not going to lie I was very worried the affect this loss would have on my Granny. My Granny and Grandad were each others true loves they were the only true love relationship I grew up around. Well she has showed us we have nothing to worry about! Turning 87 this year and does not look a day over 60 we say to her. She still does her house work, is always hoping on the bus going here and there out having latte's and cake (she even has her own costa card), treating herself to new bags and purses. She shows me that life goes on and you got to live each day and keep being positive. Love this woman to bits! I can only hope I'm as healthy as she is when I am her age.
Now for my third, It had to be someone that I have never met but I find really inspiring. There was many ladies on my list but I had to go for Miss Audrey Kitching!! This for me is the original pink haired princess, I have followed and looked up to this beautiful lady for years and years, since before the pink hair when it was blonde with black underneath and a turquoise blue streak! I stumbled across this lady on livejournal I cannot even remember how but I did and there was just something about her even from her early modelling day photos that I just thought she is awesome that for a time I just wanted to be her! Years of following her and many different hair style changes later she still inspires me to do what I want to do and believe in myself, you guys should check out Audrey's Buzznet page by clicking here.
Which lady inspires you? leave a comment below I would love to read them and reply
That's all from me today hope you enjoyed this post and Happy International Women's Day!
Lots of Lovies