Sunday, 9 March 2014

Whats in my MakeUp Bag!!

I used to store all my make up in a drawer and I would spend ages rummaging around looking for a certain product, so I decided to invest in a good sized organised make up bag and keep in it the products I use all the time. I will be changing it up every now and then but for now I thought I would show you wonderful lot what is in my bag at this current time.

The make up bag zips open all the way round and inside is a organiser clip that holds 2 other little make up bags one is mesh type material and the other is in the same material as the main bag. There is another section on the right which has pockets to hold make up brushes and another big pocket then on the left is one main pocket.

 The pocket on the right is where I am keeping my current favourite eye shadows, my little bottle of Benefit highbeam and a pot of soap and glory lip balm.
 In the clear mesh material bag I keep my 2 go to foundations which are my No7 Beautifully matte and the Rimmel Match Perfection which I really must do a review on as its so good. I also keep 4 concealers!!! 2 are from the collection lasting perfection range just one lighter shade than the other. I have my No7 one that has been colour matched along with my foundation and Seventeens Phwoarr Paint which is awesome for tired eyes!
The little material bag is where I keep my eye make up, I have my eye pencil sharpener, 2 mascaras my beloved Avon SuperShock and another one I love for my less make up days the L'Oreal False Lash Flutter. Eyeliner wise I have in pencil form the Benefit BadGAL waterproof pencil in black and the Rimmel Exaggerate eye liner in liquid form also in black. For the brows we have my Rimmel pencil and the Maybelline master shape pencil.
Finally in the left pocket I am keeping my Oriflame Studio Artist Loose Powder which is a white powder that you place on top of your make up to set your foundation. Avon Calming Effects powder foundation and the Avon Kabuki brush this stuff is my current fave at the moment which I am going to do a review on as its that good!!! For a good pink cheek I have my Maybelline dream mousse blush in dolly pink for a healthy flushed cheek.
I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, I would love to read your comments and I will reply to them.
That's all from me today hope your all well and happy :)
Lots of Lovies