Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Check In Tuesday #5

Hi Guys

Its time for another Check In with you beautiful bunch, I hope you are all well and happy :)

  • My laptop has been fixed Yay!!! There is still a few little glitches with it but I am on to working them out so the good news is that I can finally get back in to blogging. I'm so happy its fixed.
  • I have finished my Vampire Diaries binge :( So now I'm a little stuck, over here in the UK Season 5 has already started so I cant catch up which means the wait begins for Season 5 to go on to Netflix.
  • Since finishing my binge on Netflix I have started watching good old Buffy but only the odd episode here and there, I'm not hooked yet haha.
  • I have started my book again and I am finally getting back into it, I forgot how much I liked it that I am determined to read a bit each day.
  • I have also been enjoying my past few driving lessons and I am now feeling pretty positive about it and feeling that I CAN do this!!! So I need to pass my theory, I have been reading my theory books and doing practise tests on my laptop and I am doing not bad.
  • On the home front we may have a possible new place to live we are waiting to sign the contract before getting all excited, I think I will do a possible post on some home inspirations.
  • Boots 3 for 2 is killing my bank balance at the moment haha I have been treating myself to plenty body lotions and potions but I decided yesterday was my last trip of this offer so no more spending in Boots for a while which is going to be hard considering its my birthday month and I received in the post from Boots a double points card you can use the entire month of your birthday.
  • My birthday is coming up!!! Yay!!! and I will be turning 25 I don't think I will do a wish list post as I'm happy with money or gift cards.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post leave me a comment if you like tell me what you have been up too I would love to hear from you.

Catch you guys laters

Lots of Lovies