Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Check In Tuesday #6

Hey Guys

How are you all? Hope everyone's good and feeling pretty happy and positive. Spring is well on its way and that has defiantly cheered me up. Its that day again where I ramble on about some things I am loving or disliking at the moment, cant believe this is my 6th Check In Tuesday already! I have no idea where the weeks are going!!

  • So the end of last week I became rather poorly and caught the dreaded flu!! I had quite a few days in my bed and then progressively moved to the sofa which means I haven't done that much.
  • Being poorly ment I managed to get a few episodes of Vampire Diaries Season 5 and OMG its sooooo good.
  • I also have been reading my book and every evening I make sure I read a bit of it even if it is just a few pages its better than it just sitting collecting dust which was what it done throughout February (I blame VD on Netlix)
  • Looks like Gordee and I have a new home guys!!! YAY!!! moving at the end of march wooooo!!
  • Also we started watching Game of Thrones, I bought Gordee it as part of his Christmas both seasons 1 and 2 so we started watching that. It needs my full concentration that show cause so much is going on.
  • At my job we get the most loveliest customers who at Christmas time gave us tins of sweeties and biscuits, we have a customer who bakes cakes for us and last week I had one that brought in some cardboard boxes she had for me to start with my packing its people that them that make me love my job and know that if your nice to someone they can be nice back :)
  • I have been going on the vibration plates at my work they aim to help you tighten and tone, I'm giving them a go as I am rather curious to see what sort of affect it has done to my body at the end of the month.
  • At the weekend I hit 900 followers on Instagram this might not seem a lot to some of you but it certainly cheered my poorlyself up, if any of you would also like to follow and you don't already just click here, I post regularly.
  • Could Spring finally be on its way? The sun has come out to play quite a few times now and its not nearly so cold ,here's hoping it is as I am missing the lighter nights for walking.
That's all from me guys hope you enjoyed this check in with you all, sorry if its not that exciting hopefully my next one will be (blame the flu). Leave a comment if you like, let me know what you have been up too, I love reading them and I reply to all of them.
Lots of Lovies