Thursday, 17 July 2014

This Weeks Nails: Essie Lilacism

So lately I have been painting my nails a lot more and I'm actually really enjoying it. Its almost therapeutic taking off the old nail polish, selecting a new shade to wear, prep'in the nails with a good old file the occasional buff and a few coats of base before the chosen shade gets brushed on. Love it.

As you may or may not know I have a huge amount of love for the Essie nail lacquer. They have every shade you could think of with some of the most quirkiest names. I just love standing at the Essie section in my local Boots trying to decide what shade of orange, red or blue I want, cause theres more than just the one of each shade. And it takes some serious thinking which shade is what your looking for. I only go to the Essie stand if I have a shade in mind.

This weeks shade is Lilacism!! I got this in a set that I actually think came out for mothers day. I just loved the 2 shades in the set it was this one and another called peach daiquiri I think its called. Anyway that shade is for another post. This post is all about the Lilacism! Starters I love Essie's packaging nice and simple with the white really makes the shade of nail lacquer pop out more. The name 'Lilacism' is cute and the shade itself is the perfect shade of lilac ever!!! If your looking for a lilac polish look no further, this is the one your needing. You only need about 2 coats of this to achieve the shade that you see in the bottle. Just look at those snaps ^ *looks at photos*^ isn't it just lovely? Will look really nice with a little tan in summer time too! Another thing, I love how long this stays on the nails, I have had mine painted since Sunday afternoon and I only have 1 chip (on the usual nail) which doesn't surprise me from the cleaning I have been doing this week, but I'm amazed at the rest lasting so long. I am really loving this weeks shade and I really recommend it, if your looking for a lilac shade this one is just so lovely.

Essie Nail Polish Lilacism £7.99
^Click the link so you can purchase this beautiful shade

Hope you guys have enjoyed this little post on my current nail polish, I might make this a weekly thing as I really enjoyed it. Share with you what one I'm wearing and what my thoughts are on it.

Is there any polishes you recommend?

Thank You

Lots of Lovies