Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Check In Tuesday #9

Wow its been a while since I done a little Check In Tuesday with you beautiful bunch. My life hasn't been that hectic really, there's been some changes at my work recently so I been working 9-5 a lot and when that place is hot and busy that you constantly running round on your feet it makes you sleepy, all you want to do is cook dinner chill and go to sleep. However I told my self I need to be more productive when I finish work so with that in mind I have been throwing myself right back in to the blog and gosh I have missed it. I thought one the things I would do with you was my little catch up posts I do once a week called Check In Tuesday which was a little run down on anything in my life. So here it goes, hope you enjoy.

  • One the things I been doing more which I am pretty proud of myself for is drink more water! My plan is to try and have at least 2 litres of water a day and so far I have been doing pretty good, it has really helped and improved my skin so far.
  • As you may or may not know I am learning to drive, I passed my theory test a few weeks ago, Yay me!! That its now time to think about booking the actual test which if I'm honest scares me so much. I'm not the most confident of people that I tend to put myself down by thinking there's no way I am ever going to be a driver and I'm never going to understand certain things. Well in fact the past few weeks since I been using the Bachs Rescue Remedy Spray my confidence in myself has really improved my instructor has been very impressed and if anything that has helped me gain a little more confidence too. My mum has even added me on to her car insurance that I can now go out and about with her which is also helping me to gain confidence and progress.
  • Gordee and I have started watching Breaking Bad again and we are loving it, forgot how addictive it is. You cant just watch the one episode and cause its on dvd its so easy to just watch a whole season in a day, but we are trying to make it last and spread it out as much we can.
  • I had a huge clear out on my iPod the other week. I had been meaning to do it for aaages and its something I always ended up forgetting to do but the other day I finally plugged it in to the laptop and had a good clear out deleting songs that I never listen too anymore, making playlists of good songs I forgot I even had. It was such a massive achievement when I had finished now I cant stop listening to my music on it without  having to skip lots of songs.

That's all I really have to say on this Check In, like I said I haven't done much recently other than work work work but I want to keep this up as a regular thing and even share with you some things that others might not find so boring that and it just lets you get to know me that bit more.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to next weeks one. Leave a comment if you would like to and I will reply.

Thank you for reading

Lots of Lovies

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