Monday, 7 July 2014

Get Summer Ready Feet!!


Now its safe to say that Summer has been happening over here in the UK, this means its time to bosh out the sandals, ballet pumps, flip flops basically all the foot wear that has your feet out and on show.

I have been using 2 products by Avon to help keep my feet in tip top condition. To start off I use the Foot Works Healthy All Day Deodorant Cream with peppermint oil, I'm not sure about you lovelies but when I wear pumps and its hot my feet get sweaty and I get super self conscious that my feet are stinking!! So in the morning after my shower and once I have applied my body lotion I slather my feet in this stuff. Its light in consistency just like a body lotion but for the feet. It helps moisturise your feet especially in any of those rough dry patches and the smell of the peppermint helps to mask any foot odour throughout the day. It is a genius product to say the least.

At the end of the day my feet ache from being on the them all day, when it comes to bedtime my feet have become part of my routine too. I have noticed that with the more walking I have been doing and any exercise the skin at my heels has started to harden so I use my Foot Works Beautiful Heel Softening Cream which is a lot thicker in consistency than the Deodorant Cream and I massage it in to my heels. I usually use at least 2 dollops for each foot then use my normal foot cream (also by Avon) and pop on my moisturising socks and let the creams do their work while I sleep. This stuff has most defiantly been working, I am noticing the skin becoming softer and less hard every time I use it.

I love anything by Avon's Foot Works range, at the moment these 2 products are my dream team for keeping my feet happy in the summer times. I could not recommend these to you lovely lot.

Avon Foot Works Healthy All Day Deodorant Cream £4.00

Avon Foot Works Beautiful Heel Softening Cream £3.50

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Hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you are all doing good and keeping happy and positive. If you want to leave a comment that would be lovely, I do reply :)

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