Sunday, 13 April 2014

Adventures #1 (sorry in advance for all the photos)

Hi guys hope you are all good

Apologies on the blog being a bit quiet this week my works been super busy and I have been finding my self really tired when I get in. I have a ton of post ideas in my notebook and photos at the ready so I plan on getting myself a little more organised in the next few days and I will be blogging more frequently.

Until then, I put on my Tuesday Check In that I was going to go on a little Adventure with Gordee and my friends this weekend. We went to a place called the Highland Wildlife Park one of my favourite places for a fun day out so here is the snaps from my trip.

Hogwarts Express 


I Love this Boy
Can you see the 2 Owls?
My Favourite
On the road home :)
Sorry about all the photos haha. That's not even half the amount I took I just shared with you guys some of my favourites. We had such a great day seeing the animals but what's most spectacular out there is the scenery. Makes you realise and appreciate where you live. I'm so happy to live in such a lovely part of Scotland. After we seen all the animals we went to a place called Aviemore to a restaurant called Papa Rock which done the most amazing veggie burger.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, comment below I love reading what you guys are saying.
If you are interested in ever coming up/over to Scotland I thoroughly recommend this place, you can check it out here
Lots of Lovies