Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas is Coming!

Hello Lovelies

Hope your Monday wasn't too much of a struggle from the weekend. Just think that's it over and done with and only 4 more days to go and its the weekend again. Or even better we are getting closer to Christmas. On that note I seen a few blog posts from other bloggers showing their Christmas decorations so I thought I would share with you guys some snaps of the flat all decorated for Christmas Times!!

Cute little gingerbread man on the Christmas tree
Sparkly cupcake my mum bought me for the tree
A little robin
A nutcracker
Little Christmas soft toy family under the tree
I love having a fire place its the main focus in the living room so when it comes to Christmas I cant wait to decorate it!!
I am a huge fan of candles, they just add a touch of cosiness.
This Christmas candle is from Asda and it smells amazing, the living room smells just heavenly!
Once the flat is all decorated it defiantly puts me in the Christmas mood, which means its now a great excuse for me to light the candles watch some Christmas movies and drink lots of hot chocolate all cosy in my soft cosy pjs.
Also to get in the Christmas spirit over on Instagram JustSteph has created her own Instagram Bloggers Christmas Challenge and I thought I would participate in it. The aim of the challenge is you take a photo a day in the month of December but it has to have something to do with that days theme. Head over to Instagram and have a looky you can search #bxic to see what other bloggers have posted up. Also have a look at mine search for me SparklySJ.
Hope everyone's getting into the Christmas spirit if not I hope some of my photos have helped :)