Friday, 4 April 2014

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

So I have been rambling on about my 3 for 2 goodies I recently got in Boots. My first was an Essie Nail Polish which you can check out here and the other was Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Lotion which you can check out here. As I stated in the last 2 posts I wasn't going to do a haul post for you but I will do a review instead on each product. And today is my 3rd aka my freebie.

So for my freebie I decided to go for something that's been calling my name to try out for the past few months and its the Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser, sounds crazy doesn't it a body moisture you apply while still in the shower? What madness? There is various different types you can choose from so I went for Cocoa Butter as I have a bit of a thing for that smell right now. Basically while in the shower after you have washed with your choice of body wash (Soap & Glory) while skins still wet you apply this genius product all over and then simply rinse off. Making it super handy if your in a bit of a rush in the mornings and don't really have the time to apply your normal body lotion as lets be honest sometimes it can take up a bit of our time, I know I take my time applying mine. Well with this product after you have rinsed it all off you can then simply dry off and get dressed with your skin feeling all super silky soft without having any stickiness. The smell of this product is just lovely, as I said I have a bit of a thing right now for Cocoa Butter, the packaging is nice and simple you can just squeeze out the right amount of lotion you need and your skin is left feeling lovely and soft. The only warning that I will mention about this product is that this product can leave your bath or shower a bit slippy. I myself haven't had any problem with that, it is mentioned on the bottle to just be a bit careful. I love using this product and I would recommend, its quick and easy and smells gooood.

Have you guys tried out this product? What was your thoughts on it?

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser £2.37

I hope you guys have enjoyed my little reviews on my recent Boots purchases apart of their 3 for 2 Deal that went on through March, I do apologise its taken me this long to finish up the reviews, blame moving house and lack of internet connection.

Love you guys

Lots of Lovies