Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Im Back!!

Hi Guys

That's right I am back and my gosh have I missed you beautiful bunch!! So on my regular Check In Tuesdays I mentioned how the boyfriend and I had been looking for somewhere new to live as our flat was freeeezing (even with the heating on). We found a lovely house available to rent and over the weekend we moved in. I did put up on my twitter account that I wasn't going to blog until I had moved home and was getting all settled in. Yesterday our internet went live woooo so that's us up and running again. Its so good being able to get back into the blog as I have missed it. I have missed blogging, reading blogs and watching youtubers. I have a lot of catching up to do, luckily I have this week off work so I have plenty of time to catch up.

Winston our cat is starting to feel more at home and settled as the days have gone on. He loves running up and down the stairs and carries his little teddy into rooms that we are in. Having no internet the past few days has actually been really good, I have had a good few pamper days as I had been pretty lazy with my skin routine what with the big move coming up. So I have had face masks, hair masks, scrubbed the skin and painted my nails. Poor nails took a right bashing unpacking and cleaning they were looking so bad, they are looking a lot more healthier now with a splash of colour on them.

I don't know if you remember but in the new year I set myself some new goals and one was reading more, but what I wanted to read in particular was the Harry Potter books. Well for part of my birthday Gordee bought me the first 3 books and said once I finish these he will get me the others. So I have already finished the first book and I'm loving them. I only ever read the first and second one and that was back in school when they first came out which was a very long time ago now so I cant really remember much about them. I'm now onto the second one The Chamber of Secrets. Im trying not to read them too quickly cause I feel I wont take it all in as much if I speed read. I just read the first one pretty quick due to lack of internet.

This post is just a little check in with you guys and see how you all are and if I have missed anything exciting going on. I also took a few snaps of the new home I thought I would show you guys.

Here I put my candles in a bird cage its so pretty lit up at night 
 A must have is fresh flowers in the dining area

Another candle holder with my wax panda bear that smells of Christmas

My growing collection of momiji
Plant on the kitchen window, I love my old school milk bottle with tony the tiger on it.
My tea pot and fancy tea holder
This little guy sits at the bottom of the stairs by the front door.
Basket full of bath bombs and fancy soaps
 Bedroom unit with my current go to lotions and potions
 Gordee's man cave where he can do his recording.
 This is Cuddles little Winston's teddy that he carries around.
 And this is the beast himself our little Winston he sooooo cute!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, its good to be back up and running again. Leave me a comment below on what you lovely lot have been up to it feels like I been away for ages.
Lots of Lovies