Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Check In Tuesday #8

    Can we just appreciate this pic ^^^^ I badly wish I was there right now. I have missed my little check in with you guys I hope you are all well. So in case you have missed any of my previous Check Ins this is my weekly post where I just pretty much ramble about things that have been happening in my life
  • So I had a little date night few Fridays ago with the bf Gordee and we went to see Need for Speed. Now I didn't think I was going to like it at all, I'm not a fan of car films but I think it having Arron Paul also known as Jesse from Breaking Bad made me actually love it and I'm not gonna lie I now have a bit of a crush on him now.
  • I have gotten older and turned 25!!
  • Gordee and I moved house and we are all settled in, its starting to feel like home. Winston our black cat is also getting settled in too. We are like a happy little family.
  • I'm getting stuck in to my Harry Potter books, so much things in the books that's not in the films although the films are still awesome.
  • Gordee and I have started to watch The Walking Dead and OMG! I am very scared by zombies but I am managing to watch it. At the scary parts I just hide under my panda blanket.
  • I am due an upgrade for my phone I currently have the iPhone4 but its time to trade her up for something new, I am loving the look of the iPhone 5s and the Camera has much better quality photos. We shall see what I decide.
  • I have had 10 days off work with moving house and getting all settled in I also met friends, had a driving lesson, got a facial and just enjoyed some time off. Now I'm back at work and feels so strange, I will get back into a routine soon enough.
  • I been trying out a few new make up bits so expect reviews on them in the next few weeks ;)
  • Also I'm going on a little trip with some friends and Gordee at the weekend and I'm very excited, I will be taking photos and I do plan on blogging about it so I'm not going to say much about it just 2 words "cute animals"
That's really all from me today my lovelies, I haven't been up to that much but still wanted to put up a little check in seen as how I didn't when we were moving. I hope you enjoyed it none the less and I look forward to next weeks one, hopefully it will be tad more exciting.

Till next time

Lots of Lovies

image used from weheartit.com