Sunday, 11 May 2014

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

The other week I was in Boots and I couldn't help myself but to add another brush to my Real Techniques collection. 

The brush I went for was the Expert Face Brush £9.99, I wanted to go for a brush that blends my foundation into my skin really well. I have been finding that some times my foundation has really needed to be worked into my skin for it to be all blended and not looking that it's just sitting on my face. So with this one I take one pump of foundation on the back of my hand and take the brush, just dab a little of foundation onto one side of the brush. Starting from my cheeks I start to blend the foundation outwards then a little on my forehead and chin again working outwards. So far so good, there's no streaky marks from the bristles which by the way are super soft on the skin, it blends in foundation really well and even better my foundation doesn't look like its sitting on my face. I love this brush!!!

Have you guys tried any of the Real Techniques brushes? is there any others that you would recommend.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post.

Lots of Lovies