Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Body Shop Eye Definer in Smoky Plum

I was in The Body Shop a few weekends ago and whilst picking up a few of my favourite items I took a wander over to the make up section and decided to go for something a little out of my comfort zone and that is a colour eyeliner.

The Body Shop Carbon Eye Definers £9.00 come in 4 high pigmented shades, I went for a beautiful deep purple. It has a lovely smooth texture it's easy to apply and comes with a built in smudger  at the opposite end of the pencil which is great for doing a smoky eye look. It is also water resistant which is perfect for summer times for me as I can suffer from hayfever pretty bad and get watery eyes, least I know with this on its staying on. Applying this eyeliner it goes on pretty smooth and the staying power of this is really good I have been applying it in the morning gone off out and it has lasted all day, till bed time where I remove my make up using my Body Shop Camomile cleansing butter which removes it like a dream.

I have been using this on my top lash line and loving it, its a subtle hint of colour for the eyes which is great for day to day wear and its a great break from the black.

I also tried it out with a deep purple lipstick and it worked out really well.

Have you guys tried any of these liners? or any colour liners I would love to know what you guys recommend.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Lots of Lovies