Saturday, 3 May 2014

Dove Summer Glow

So guys its coming up to that season where the sun is ment to be out and shining bright and the temperature starts to get a little warmer, that's right I'm talking about Summer!! This means the skin is going to be out on show and I'm not sure about you guys but I don't like being pale like a ghost in summer times and I always feel a little better with a bit of a glow. Now I'm not a huge fake tan fan as I'm sure I'm going to apply wrong or I worry that I'm going to have one leg darker than the other. But when I notice the weather is slowly starting to change I think maybe its time to slowly get summer skin ready and use my tinted lotion.

The product I always turn to is Dove Summer Glow Fair to Medium £4.99, a lovely body moisturising lotion which gradually builds up giving your skin a healthy summer glow. One the best things about the this product is that it's not only really moisturising to the skin it doesn't leave any fake tan after smell it actually smells really good. I apply it in the morning after my shower making sure I get the awkward areas like knees and elbows. For my hands after applying the lotion on my body I wash them then squeeze a pea sized amount on my hand rubbing it in like hand cream. I don't want it to build up too much so instead of using it everyday I only use it every second or third day just to keep up the little glow I have.

I really love this stuff its one my favourite products for keeping up what little tan I can get or if I'm just looking to have a nice healthy glow. Have you guys ever tried this lotion? or anything similar? 

Hope you enjoyed this post

Lots of Lovies