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Hi Guys and a Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a fab Hogmanay and wishing you lot the best of times in 2014!
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 Now that we are in January this is the time people start to think on new years resolutions and give it the whole new year new me thing, this never works for me. So instead of resolutions that I will never keep I'm going to set myself some goals and aims. I have written them down in my new notebook I got at Christmas from Gordee (Yay new stationary) so I can score them off along the way.

I thought I would share with you beautiful lot some of my goals for the year.
My first is this blog, I been thinking long and hard about what I want to achieve this year from the blog and have decided that as well as beauty/skin care items I'm going to try make up, show you guys what I use and how I use it. Any looks that I'm loving and how I achieve them. I'm also going to try and branch out a little and share a few fashion items and how I style them. Along with this I'm going to do posts about life in general and maybe a few random things I get up to (few weekend away trips are coming up too). With my list of goals I'm going to try and share it all with you on how I'm getting on with them.
Secondly is going to be reading! I do love to read however I always seem to get so distracted by new tv series's out on netflix or other rubbish that books tend to get forgotten about. However when I do pick up a book I love the feeling of being transported into different worlds and just getting lost into a right good book! One set I am determined to read is the Harry Potter books, I remember reading up to the third one when I was in school but never got round to reading the rest. I love the films especially with how dark they get by the end so I imagine the books must be better. I have bought myself a new book to read first which is also part of a set, the first one is called Rivers of London and its by Ben Aaronovitch it sounds really good, once I finish this post I'm getting myself a cuppa green tea and get reading.

    I also want to learn to cook properly, I do enjoying cooking proper home cooked meals but the thought of doing it makes me just go urgh! but once I'm stuck into it I really enjoy it. Gordee and I have both decided we want to eat a lot healthier and plan on sticking to that throughout the week as we both work weekdays but we will allow our self's treats at the weekends. We got a few cook books at Christmas so I intend on using them to help us out along the way. I might also put a few blog posts up if any are successful.With this in mind I also want to start taking multivitamins, I feel I'm lacking iron too so will start taking supplements for that. I will continue to drink plenty water (its nice with a slice of lemon or lime) and also still drink copious amounts of green tea (all those antioxidants) which is also nice with a slice of lemon.
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When I was in my late teens I done art at my college, I only done it cause I couldn't get a job (being a high school drop out no one would employ me) and I needed something to do. One the subjects I enjoyed the most was photography. We were taught mostly the old school stuff in the dark room using lots of chemicals but we did learn a little on digital photography and this year I want to get back in to it. I'm currently saving up to get myself a proper camera and equipment along with the good programs for editing. This will also be good for taking photos for blog posts but mainly I want to just to enjoy capturing moments you want to never forget.
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With these and a few others on my list (which I will share throughout the year) I just want to be happy. Gordee and I have a few adventures planned out which I'm very much looking forward too, we have family visits down to England, Gigs (did I mention Katy Perry), I'm turning 25 this year too!! I cant wait to see what to see what this year brings, I hope its a good one. And I look forward to sharing it all with you!

What do you have to look forward too this year? Do you have any goals set or resolutions for this year? I would love to read them.

Lots of Lovies

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