Thursday, 16 January 2014

I've always been dark with light somewhere in the distance

So we are already half way into January and what a quiet month it is! I recently heard on the radio this week that January is the time where people can tend to get all down and depressed and to be honest this doesn't surprise me. The dark nights are still coming early its cold and yuck outside and for some pay day feels so far away (just think 2 more weeks to go). 

The January blues is not something I enjoy and I am determined to be full of positivity banishing any negativity. I have had far too much negativity and worries in my life that its time to tell it to shove off and I'm moving on and bringing on the positivity, happiness and just enjoy life!!

In order to do all that I'm still keeping focused on small goals I set for myself. I write lists and tick it off as I go along, there's honestly nothing better than a checked off list :D (geek I know). I am reading my Highway Code and revising for my theory. I am also enjoying a good book. Organising to meet friends which is keeping me away from being a complete hermit, I am determined to keep the little social life I have. I am such a day dreamer I am looking for places to go on holibobs, I know it wont be till next year but there's no harm in looking plus the photos make me feel happy thinking of some heat and sunshine. I have been getting stuck into this blog reorgainisng it a little, coming up with ideas for future posts and taking lots of snaps. Gordee and I have been going for walks at weekend which I always enjoy as I feel the cobwebs blowing away and feeling all fresh and re-energized! 

My top tip to keeping those blues has to be keep yourself busy but have fun doing it, have a laugh with friends even if your skint you can always go to each others houses, go out there and get some fresh air by going for a walk, escape somewhere into a good book, clear out your wardrobe giving things to the charity shops (making room for the summer wardrobe;) ) have bubble baths and listen to some awesome music maybe even try and get to a gig.

I was surfing through weheartit and came across some images which have inspired me.

Don't let people get you down by their negativity be happy, do what you dream of doing. We only have 1 life we need to live it!

Hope this post has cheered some of you guys up and inspired you to kick away that January blues too :) However I just want to say if you do feel that you are suffering from Depression you should speak to someone its amazing the amount of help that's out there these days.


Lots of huge fluffy hugs and lovies

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