Friday, 25 October 2013



Hello to the big wide world of blogging, how are we all this fine evening?

So this is my first blog and I thought I would start off by just saying hi with a few facts about myself.

My names Sarah-Jane most people call me SJ, I'm 24yrs old and I live in a rather small city/town in Scotland. I live with my boyfriend Gordee and our little black cat Winston.

The reason I decided to start this blog was I loved spending my days reading loads of blogs and watching vlogs on youtube when Gordee said I should try and do it myself, although I haven't the confidence to speak in front of a camera yet (purely cause of my accent) I have decided to give the whole blogging thing a try. Why not eh?

So as I'm just starting out I thought I would mainly blog about beauty treats with maybe a few fashion items and possibly just some random ones about life or the odd boring home item like new coffee tables and rugs Oooo fancy!

Sweet marshmallows

Thank You muchly for reading and if you have any comments it would be lovely to read them



Friday 25th October 2013