Sunday, 27 October 2013

First proper blog post!! scary times

So for my first proper blog entry I have decided to praise the in my opinion one of the best beauty brands out there that is not only luxurious but affordable and it is the one and only Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory are a beauty brand based in Britain I'm not entirely sure if you can get it in other countries if so you very lucky people! You can buy them from Boots stores or I believe Harvey Nichols and of course from their website which is full to the brim of information on all their products and many more. As I live in a rather small town my store option is Boots which you can usually find the brand on a 3 for 2 offer, I do love these as I always look at it as I have 2 items I NEED a third item as its free! Their packaging is so eye catching mostly bright pinks with a retro sort of feel with the labelling and the smells are just AMAZING!!

For the first part of this blog entry I'm going to share the products I use for the body and in my next blog post I will mention the skin care, hands and feet care. Enjoy!

 Here is my bundle of soap and glory loveliness

Now I'm going to try and not go on and on about every product I use too much as that could probably be tad boring for you guys.

My daily items I use in the mornings are the Sugar Crush Fresh and Foamy Body Wash £6.50 This stuff smells so lovely it has a sweet lime fragrance it smells so zesty it really wakes me up in these early dark mornings, even my boyfriend Gordee loves this stuff. The foaminess of the product is lush and the fact that a little goes a long way is fab. You get 500ml in a bottle which lasts such a long time you really get your moneys worth. Once I'm all clean depending if I want to smell head to toe in zesty lime sweetness I use the Sugar Crush Body Buttercream £10.50 the consistency of this cream is thick and luxurious my skin feels so pampered and silky soft with its shea and cocoa nut balm, lime and almond oils and kiwi juice water. Honestly words cannot express how much I love this stuff! and again you get 300ml in a tub and it lasts such a long time. If I don't fancy smelling of lime zestiness (Ooo new word for me) after the shower I just apply The Daily Smooth body butter £9.00 now as you may tell in the photo I have used this a lot as I'm squeezing out the last bits left, I am finding this stuff particularly great right now as what with the weather changing my skin is getting a tad on the dry side. With this stuff being as it says on the bottle I quote "amazingly-effective dry skin formula" it most certainly is! My skin feels so much softer using this and the smell is again ever so scrumptious it has rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter in it which is just a hint to how lovely it smells and to top it off the body mist called Mist You Madly £6.50 smells very similar that if you spray this on after the body butter (which it suggests) with notes of bergamot and blackcurrant you smell just heavenly for the rest of the day. If I'm treating myself to a bath I have many bubble baths but a fave has to be the Calm One Calm All £6.00 as the bottle quotes its "Stress-Battling softening bubble bath" it is scented with their original pink fragrance which is another lovely fruity all round lovely smell and has build in body lotion in so my skin feels so soft afterwards and I feel more calm and relaxed plus everyone loves bubbles!! its a 500ml bottle and you only need a cap full so again its well worth the pennies as it lasts along time.

                                             Daily: Body Wash, Body Butters and Body Mist
                                             Bath Treats: Bubble Bath

Now Soap and Glory are apart of this 2 minute rinse challenge which is to encourage you all to do all that you do in the shower in just 120 seconds all in need of saving water. It is a great idea and I must be honest in the weekdays I do try my best to keeping it quick in the shower. However weekends I do tend to spend a tad longer whether it being I have a hair mask in or a body scrub as I need to massage it in good with the gloves. Which brings me to The Breakfast Scrub £8.00 this is a fab exfoliator for your skin again this is great in the winter for a pamper to the skin. The texture is thick a lot does go along way with this stuff and it has a maple fragrance to it, it honestly smells edible when I use this I smell delicious! after this I will lather my skin in a body butter of my choice.

                                                            Scrub! Scrub! Scrub!

To finish off this entry we are talking minis! The fact that Soap & Glory is such a fantastic brand to add more fabulousness to them they have a good lot of their products in miniature sizes which is very handy for holibobs, if your going abroad and you cant live without your fave body products taking the whole lot is going to add more weight to your baggage and lets be honest that aint cheap! Well have no fear as the minis are perfect for travelling and most are under £5! They are also a good idea for presents. I must be the most easiest person to buy for as my collection of minis was quite spectacular! I have managed to get quite a bit of them used up as you can tell in the picture however Christmas is coming up so it wouldn't surprise me if my collection mounts up again.


That's the end of my first proper blog entry on Soap & Glory I shall return with another post about the skin care in next couple of days. I just want to mention I'm no skin care expert for the skin I am just blabbering about few of my favourite items from this brand. I also want to point out I haven't bought all this stuff in a one shopping spree haha these items are from what I have collected in past year :)

Thank You guys for reading this entry if you want to leave me some feedback that would be fabulous