Saturday, 28 June 2014

Its been a while

Hello beauties how the heck are you all?

So as the title says it most certainly has been a while since I blogged, what's up with that? Well I was getting focused on doing my driving theory test that it was consuming my evenings by reading all the stuff you need to know and doing so many practise tests, I decided I needed to focus on passing it and once I done that I would get right back on the blogging horse. I passed my theory about 3 weeks ago Yay!!! Then my laptop decided to be a complete poo head and catch itself a virus! Not kidding you I had so many pop ups and so many threats that I could barely use the thing. So I turned to facebook stressing that I needed to know where I could get my laptop fixed that's where my good friend Bethany came along saying her lovely boyfriend Blair can do it, so the laptop was sent away to theirs and came back 2 days later all fixed up and sorted acting like a brand new laptop, what gems that 2 are. 

I have sooooo much I want to blog about, I'm currently curled up on the sofa with a bad head cold and a very sore back haha so I figured what better time to just blog away.

My life hasn't really done anything interesting since last blog, my work has become super duper busy with it coming up to summer so I feel like I spend most of my days working non stop then come home, sleep and do it all over again. Any free time I have has been pretty much spent with Gordee watching the Walking Dead we are all caught up with tv and my god what a series it is!! I'm no fan of zombies in the slightest but the storyline's of this are awesome. I got all caught up on Orange Is The New Black on Netflix what another awesome tv series brought by Netflix and I see that on twitter Netflix have announced season 2 of Hemlock Grove is coming soon, that will take up the space that OITNB has left. I have finished my The O.C binge and I am now watching all of Gossip Girl from the start again. I do mainly watch this when I have some me time and Gordee is away out with friends although he is also really loving a bit of Chuck Bass. 

Reading books was put a little on hold when I was studying for my theory but once I passed it I put Mr Harry Potter to one side and threw myself into The Fault In Our Stars thanks to the lovely Crissy over at Whimsical Fawn for sending it to me, what a beeeeautiful story, honestly guys you need to read this its just so lovely. I'm waiting patiently for our local cinema to get it in July so I don't have to long to go now. So its time to get back on to my Harry Potter books I am now on the third and I am really enjoying it, I love the films but there's so much more in the books.

Its Gordee's birthday coming up this week and I'm so excited to give him his presents I'm not going to let it out on here just in case he reads this post (sneaky) but I really think I have done a good girlfriend job here and got something really awesome. I will let you guys know next week what it is ;).

I have had a few life lessons recently where I have truly learnt who my friends are and to truly appreciate them. I'm incredibly lucky to have the friends and family that are in my life who I love and who supports me throughout all of my life choices. I love them so much and I feel the recent changes I have made are the right ones and Im very happy.

I love you guys and I hope your all very well 

Lots of Lovies